Campaign time!

Everyone loves a little speed run.
02/25/2015 - 12:29pm

Hey everyone, it's time for some Campaign today with some Halo CE Legendary Done Segmented Speed running madness  and a Halo 3 Campaign tage from Spence.

Spence's Halo 3 Campaign Tage came out around the new site transition so it missed out on some attention, we're happy to fix that as it is a type of video we don't see too often. The Campaing Tage genre has been dominated by community and other group projects like for instance Orima, and we have seen quite little of it as of late. To go into that field solo and be entertaining is quite the challenge, so props to @Spence for that alone. With MCC I can imagine a (community) campaign tage over all the games could be really cool, if anyone wants to pick that up THF will no doubt support it.

Discuss Spence's Campaign Tage HERE


As for the Halo CE Speedrun video it's important to note that this is a segmented run through of Halo CE, stitched together runs by different people. Meaning it's not a world record speedrun, but the premise of why this video is awesome as a compilation of individual runs is that this as of right now is the fastest conceivable way to run through H:CE Legendary using some new (#newstuffinCEin2015really) tricks. 

"What took so long? For one, this is a segmented run, which means the runners were able to attempt the portions they were responsible for again and again until they achieved the best possible time. Once they were finished, the run was stitched together to represent a complete play through of the game. The runners represented in the video are familiar to anyone following the Halo speedrunning scene — Scurty,Whistle, Vetro and Sol — four of the fastest players on the planet.

That also means the chances of this run being replicated by one player in a single play through of the game are next to nothing. Barring any massive undiscovered glitches, this might be as fast as Halo on Legendary can get."

- Mike Fahey on Kotaku

Check it out!