Halcyon by Mint Blitz

Insane Halo CE gameplay!
02/08/2015 - 5:53am

For a while now Halo CE has, besides anti-mag, seemed to be the most stable and fun Halo: MCC multiplayer experience, making a lot of people gravitate towards and fall in love with the game again. However, most Halo CE videos so far have been highlights mixed with clips from other games. Although there has been the rare minitage  like that of BigBall3s this is one of the first big montages solely with clips from Halo CE from MCC. It shows the new platform in a good light in that it brings a mixture of clips that'd fit both with the old XBC days of 2v2s and the more populated Halo PC games as this video has both big "small" plays and big multi's. Track selection makes for some nice changes of pace throughout.

With the Halo CE video ROOTS by BSiK getting top 4 in the THF Movie Competition, this coming out and the community tage by Lat3ksi in the works we are seeing a growing appreciation and enthusiasm for the Halo CE montage scene in 2015 which is awesome.

Discuss this montage in the thread linked below.

Some words from Mint Blitz:

So its finally finished, I spent my whole Christmas break getting clips, I started off playing the ce 3v3 playlist when it came out, getting lots of 2v2 games and 2v2 clips, then the Australians ended up leaving and I had noway to get clips. So then I decided to try and grind the team slayer playlist, this was a long process, some days only getting 2 or 3 ce games per day and about 50 halo 3 games. After I hit around 100 clips I started swapping out clips and choosing which ones were to go in what song. Scace from LIT and I decided to do 4 songs, an intro, two songs and credits with the first song being a build up to the 2nd main song. We also then looked for hours and found a handful of good songs and chose them from there, finally I edited this video in about a  week, Hopefully you all enjoy it I worked really hard trying to get this finished with a variety of clips and maps.