Hyena - MASTERY : Must Watch :

Absolutely mind-blowing gameplay from Hyena.
02/02/2015 - 4:02am

The YT Link was taken down, go HERE for the custom THF stream

If you don't know @Hyena by now you've been missing out, simply the most creative gameplay out there in this era of halo montages and a great montage maker since the early h2 days. His epic story telling style mixed with his unique abilities, especially in Halo 3 (Lightning Sniping has become a verb), sets Hyena at the top of  the all time montage makers pyramid, other great montage makers actually make montages in tribute to him (see 5 Deadly Venoms).

Some words from Hyena himself:

Okay so here it is finally, the road to hell is over! I have a lot to say about this video but will try my best to condense it, first off i want to just say thank you for watching this, even if you dont enjoy it, i appreciate every view, the second is that the title 'Mastery' is not me gloating, but instead ties in with the character within the videos over the years, he has always been to me the spiritual embodiment of old tagers and new alike such as BullXRape, Dymdez, Vrbas etc etc who have always been my inspiration to continue pushing myself while making these videos even so long after said makers videos were made, i hope that in 5-10 years time, this video will inspire at least one person, would be worth it. Instead of rambling on i will just wrap it up now i guess, gotta thank all of THF staff and members over the years that have been the foundation of not only our community but montages in general, creating a platform of minds that i have the highest respect for and strive to impress, as well as all the tagers past and present keeping Halo afloat, i salute you. Last of course is all my subs that allow me to reach a wide ( in my eyes ) audience for these montages, enough talk now, i love you all, enjoy. 

Special thanks to Tezima, YBLOC, Sachiro & Nvincible

Feast your eyes on his latest and last Halo 3 Montage; Mastery. 

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Youtube has taken off the stream for copyright claims, it was getting thousands of views fast so check out our stream HERE