Resurgence - Halzred & Twitch

Edited by Halzred
02/20/2015 - 1:58pm

Alrighty then, this video has stirred up quite a bit of discussion concerning the edit and how it approaches gameplay presentation. As you may know we have strong opinions in that regard in this community. Halzred is an absolute oldskool legend in the h2 montage scene, some of his videos pop up consistently in people's personal top 10 montages of all time and he has a very distinctive flashy/GO HAM style. As for the gameplay, Twich's Halo 2 Vista Gameplay has been long awaited. We've all known this project was coming at some point, it just needed a committed editor. Instead of inserting my own personal opinions here I'll let Halzred and Twitch present their project with their own words:

 Well, I have a lot to say but I really have no idea of how to say it. Let me just preface this by saying Thank You to TheHaloForum and everyone in this community. This absolutely wouldn’t have happened without the new team around here leading things. It also is a lot thanks to this community, who, throughout the last ten years have always supported my hard work on these videos. This is something I really enjoy doing, whether it be for Halo or not, and thanks to you all I am rewarded with some pride in what I have produced.

From gaining so much from all of you and still seeing my name pop up even to this day makes me feel great. I saw a new Video Contest had popped up sometime last summer and it drew my attention. I connected with Twich and he trusted me with all of his great gameplay. Unfortunately, we did not make the deadline for the contest, but I did not want to rush this video. This is a video I had originally planned to make with Halo 3 gameplay and use the theater mode, but now I am very happy I used what I had envisioned on a final Halo 2 montage.

I can’t say if I will ever make something like this again. I am an adult now with grown up responsibilities and I put a lot of free time and effort into this. It’s something I can do for hours and not even notice that ten minutes has gone by, but I’m not certain I’ll ever have the free time to do this sort of thing again.

My motivation though came from all of you, so please enjoy.


 Alright, I had a longer post that this written, but it's not currently available to me so I'm quickly going to throw this together.  This montage should have come out over a year and a half ago.  I'd originally planned it for 2011, but sadly things feel apart.  In the fall Halzred asked if I still had my gameplay, and it was pretty much as well timed as it could have been considering at that point I was planning on throwing the clips into After Effects to some Gorguts and calling it a day.  Unfortunately, it could not be finished in time for the contest, but it's much better like this than it would have been if it was rushed.  I had no real control over much beyond which clips made it in, and I will admit that the music is not something I'm all that fond of.  That being said I think it turned out great.  The title is a bit ironic in my opinion, as I have little motivation to remain active in the Halo community, being as I don't have an Xbox and that I don't plan on buying one, and that I haven't even played a Halo game in well over a year.  I'm pretty excited to have this out, and I can't understate how much I appreciate the work that went into this.

As one last thing, I still have a lot of footage lying around, around 30 teams/ffa clips I'd consider good enough, along with another 30 1v1 clips that didn't end up put out with that last video I released, so be on the lookout for one last thing from me, maybe.  That and a funtage that I still have not done much at all with in spite of having around 10 gigs of uncompressed footage for.  I had a good time playing Halo 2 Vista, even with its flaws, mostly due to the people I got to interact with and the things I was able to put out.  I'll respond to most of the posts of substance in the thread, and I hope you guys enjoy this.