What's New at THF?

New site features overview.
01/31/2015 - 1:07pm

TheHaloForum has always been, and will always be a great forum-based community, but now our new site has even more to offer than just forums. This article will provide a brief overview of the new features and content now available at THF.


Our legacy as a Halo community has always been centered around Halo montages, and we want to not only embrace that, but build upon it. We want TheHaloForum to once again be THE place to go to find a montage, and with the brand new videos database, we hope to accomplish just that.

All registered users are allowed to submit videos to the videos section. Simply click the "Add Content" link in the user menu (top right of every page), and then choose "Add Video", or simply click the "Submit a Video" button via the Videos page. From there, fill out as much information related to the video you are submitting as possible. The more complete the data, the easier your video will be for people to find.

Once you've submitted your video, it will be reviewed by the THF staff, and if approved, will be made public to the site and will appear in the database.

There's bound to be a lot of questions and feedback. If you'd like to discuss the Videos database, head over to this thread: THF Videos Database: Feedback and Discussion


Via @slater ohm:

Articles offer room for people that would otherwise write amazing OP's to get easier exposure to their efforts. When looking through Articles you know its not just a Youtube video link and a quote, someone put some work into this. Things like Pro Player Bio's, Halo 5 Reviews, a 'What is Good Halo Montage Editing' write up or an account of THF Montage Contests Results throughout the years. Just to name some options. If you have thoughts on what subcategories should be in the Articles feature let us know, we're going to be observing the topics that pop up for a while. Obviously it's also a more appropriate form for big Site Announcements.

Articles will be the lifeblood of site announcements and important content. Not only that, but our goal is to become a source for original Halo written content, and articles are the perfect venue for doing that.

Note: Only users in the "Editor" usergroup have permission to create articles. If you're interested in becoming a writer for TheHaloForum, please contact me (@Nv1ncible) via private message.


Last but certainly not least, our forums have been completely revamped. We're no longer stuck on an outdated version of vBulletin, but rather, a fully integrated set of forum modules that tie into the rest of the site in a seamless manner. For the majority of users, our new forums should still feel pretty familiar, despite our site getting a facelift. With that said, there are a number of changes that are worth mentioning here:

  • The forum homepage now acts similar to the "Today's Posts" page did on the old site.
  • Forums and subforums are now located in a menu in the left sidebar of the forum section.
    • Note: In order to navigate to a top level (parent) forum, simply click the parent link twice. Once to expand the menu, and another to navigate to the parent forum.
  • You can create a new thread in response to a post. Simply click "Reply as a New Thread" link below any post, and when your new thread is created, it will reference the post you're responding to at the bottom of the page.
  • You can see all replies to a specific post simply by clicking the "# Replies" link below said post.

Site Support & Feedback

This wraps up a brief introduction to the new site features. As with any new website, there are bound to be bugs, so please take the time to report those in this thread: Official THF 2.0 Bugs & Feedback Thread