Official Soccer Thread

That was an interesting last 30min of Croatia and Czech. Flares on the pitch, handball which led to the equalizer. Wow.

there's the belgium I want to see! Lukaku back at it, witsel shining all of the sudden, faster play, more pressure.
even tho Ireland isn't playing particularly well but still, much better than their previous games.

Only de bruyne a bit more ballcontrol and we're on point

Iceland on the penalty yes!!!

I love playing soccer :D
i've scored some pretty good goals where it hit the top post and went right into the goal

oh and Chile vs Argentina soon for the Copa America
I'm rooting for Chile as im half Chilean

I know it's late but still


he's going to do so well for Chelsea

wait a minute... we can win this shit?
Yellow cards for everyone!

The ref for the Copa final has given 14 red cards in his last 27 games. How the fuck was he chosen to ref a final? The entire game was ruined by his shitty calls holy fuck. Both reds were garbage, so many shit yellows, lost control of the game within 10 minutes.

EDIT: Messi and Mascherano retire from the NT. Aguero considering as well, and according to him, a few other players will be following Messi out. Sad day for Argentina. but I'm going to enjoy seeing all the Argentine fans who rarely appreciated him and were quick to criticize and berate Messi beg him to come back once they realize how big of a difference he made.

Everybody should be blaming Higuain for the loss not Messi. He choked harder than anyone. 
I love watching Iceland win 
Yes! I'm wanting a Gunnarson jersey so bad. Such a Cinderella story. Their crowd is so full of energy it's a blast watching them.
i cant believe Chile won
happy day for me :D
OMFG belgium is going at it holy shit

sorry proty, Belgium looks stronger but Wales seems to be capitalizing more. those 3 saves in the first could have made a difference 

edit/ ouch, 3-1

well, that was painful to watch
Wales won't get past Portugal. Finally get to watch a Germany game. Pls win.
What a match. Neuer is so OP


so hyped for today
fuck portugal, the should have been kicked out 2 rounds back god damn it
Poor Iceland. I still love em though. 
Wales please crush portugal today.
Can't say I expected anything else. Wales looks terrible without Ramsay. No creative player in midfield, no playmaker, no service for Bale. It's insane to see the difference in their play when comparing their game against Belgium to this one.
lol Messi is just falling apart

Literally every headline I've read about his tax fraud is so clickbait lol. He's not doing jailtime since if the sentence is under two years in Spain, you don't get jailed. Also, the Spanish tax authorities already cleared him of all charges and dropped the case against him since they were convinced that it was mainly his father, especially since he was 18 or 19 at the time. However, another prosecutor still went after him and the judge still passed a sentence and, coincidentally, they were ex-Madrid board members. A bunch of other athletes were charged as well like Nadal, Casillas, Figo, Eto'o, Mascherano, and a few more. However, the only two taken to court were Mascherano and Messi, both Barca players, and the prosecutor both times was from Madrid. Seems a bit fishy but that's just me. Either way, it doesn't really matter. No jailtime, tax authorities are happy, w/e. 

Him (and the rest of the squad) leaving the NT is likely just temporary. The AFA has been pretty terribly managed and many of the players have talked about how bad it is. Their picks for manager over the past few years (Maradona, Sabella, Tata) have been ridiculous and they're wasting what is essentially a golden age player-wise for Argentina. A squad with the attacking talent of Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Lavezzi, Dybala, etc. should not be going entire games without scoring and when these same players are all performing magnificently for clubs, you have to look at the manager and FA.

I think Messi will be back for the 2018 WC. And I felt bad for Lavezzi, he probably could have made a difference in the final but that broken arm vs USA screwed him out of that. 

Im ecstatic I'm off Sunday to watch the final. Hummels is out vs FRA, hoping they will be able to push ahead and take out Portugal. I want to see tears flowing from Ronaldo. I'm just praying it doesn't go to penalty kicks again. Such a bullshit way to win a game. 

Yeah I hate pens. However, Portugal has looked terrible throughout the tournament. I don't see them doing well vs Germany or France in the final. The true final is tomorrow's semi.
hopefully germany beats france, and then demolish portugal. croatia should have been in the finals instead 
Without Hummels and Khedira it will be a different game. I hope that we'll see Sane in germanys first 11. I am sure that he would do a great job against Evra and Co. If Löw brings Götze as false 9 i promise you that we wont score a goal.
If they deserved to be in the final, maybe they should've won that game. Both teams played like shit in that game and Portugal capitalized on the chance that they had.
Germany have conceded two goals in this tournament and both have been from stupid handball pens.
brb killing myself
I don't like France or Portugal but ultimately I want poortugal to lose so pls France don't let Ronaldo win. I beg of you. Giroud hat trick inbound 
ronaldo is kill