What's going on with your Car/Truck/Vehicle? V3

2014's are still going for high 40's so theyre not depreciating fast. and ill spend my money how i want to


also why the fuck would i wait until 65 to buy a sports car

you're right

spending 60k on a car good for absolutely nothing is best done when you're young

I mean if i can afford it and pay it off within a year then i dont see a problem. Also having my house paid off in a few years if house flipping goes well.. also dont see a problem. I guess im stupid for wanting to enjoy my life while being debt free by im 28. I sure am stupid
capital gains tax dawg

The Corvette ZR1 was finally released and Ive been hearing it will start around 120k. I think thats a bit too much. You can get a used McLaren MP4-12C for 120k. I mean yeah theres like 100 more HP and like 60tq but it is slightly heavier.