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realized that at work is probably the most colour i don



Does the site let you know who liked your post? If not, here's a hint: It was me.

hadnt noticed that feature

good guy stobs at it again always making us feel warm!!!!

I'm digging this thread, yo.
Not sure about that fur, digging the rest of the outfit tho
don't care to wear actual fur, and although there are some good faux, yes this one is pretty eh the whole jacket isn't the best quality actually. it was more so for the fit and colour

Yeah I can see that. It goes well with those jeans so you get a pass

this time

wanted to get a light leather jacket but it might be too late for virginia weather. 


Besides that, im wearing 3 year old canvas shoes that are falling apart so fast that i have to wear them sparingly. If its raining, i cant wear them because the bottoms are worn threw.  Once i get some money i think im buying some laced TOMS. Once I get money im buying a lot of clothes since i havent in a year

friend spoke about this last night



The uniformity of his collection has such a distinctive language that defies convention. Using principles of architecture to create his pieces, Rad Hourani constantly works with an eye to how  a garment will perform in movement. Like origami, his patterns appear to have their own magic folds that enable his philosophy to emerge so that those who wear his garments feel comfortable, powerful and beyond time.

He sees modernity as an odyssey free of rules, gender, age, seasons, boundaries and conditioning.

“I started imagining clothes the same way I started creating images: with a sense of curiosity and innocence driven by my no-background background. No school. No teachers. No telly. No boundaries. No formatting. I like the idea of a world that we could live and shape by ourselves, only by observing. Each our own. My visuals have erupted from this world of mine. They are asexual, aseasonal, they come from no place, no time, no tradition, yet they could be home anywhere, anytime."

Essential threadz

realized that at work is probably the most colour i don




You remind me of this guy.


looking dope Desa

Someone help me ID these. Trying to switch my style up. I usually wear workwear/dadcore but I want to get I to the comfy tech wear. Also wear to cop good joggers?

Nvm found em

Looking for some work boots, probably Red Wings. Can anyone vouch for them/have bad experiences or anything?
They're good. Don't be hesitant to drop 2-$300 on a good pair. I had a pair when I worked in HVAC. Kept my feet toasty in the winter and held up to a lot of abuse.
Yeah, I'm hoping to find a good deal in the coming weeks for something sub $200, but I won't shy away from spending more if nothing good comes up.
If you're looking for good joggers and things of that nature, I'd really recommend Publish. A bit on the expensive side but the quality of every product is so consistent I couldn't complain about anything I've bought from them. Basically hoodies and sweats from heaven. Lots of styles also. Nothing flamboyant or over the top either. These look nice and lowkey, according to a friend they're very durable as well. They're waterproof as well if that counts for anything. Only cost $130 so they're right up your alley in the cost department. Was going to buy a pair for work myself but they don't ship overseas and they cost an arm on ebay

Just ordered this joint for $119 on amazon.  Need to find a french sailor sweater for the spring asap

And why is it so fucking hard to find WHITE SKINNY chinos.  Keyword skinny. I can find "skinny" but it's not enough.

looks like Smutt got us covered on the joggers. good share, interesting pieces in there

give iloveugly a look. real urban feel, lots of unique cuts. got my eye on one of their shades



opened that watch link and thought thats a Sky watch if ive ever seen one aha

what about a faint blue skinny chino in place of your white

I really need white. I could maybe settle for an light off white. I'm going nautical prep this spring and white chinos are a staple. And I love the watch, kinda cool too cause my initials are DW.

-wow. Just ordered a floral print from topman and they sent me an email saying there out of stock. Some bullshit. 

Looking for some good waterproof boots, not super expensive but willing to drop some cash
Bean boots m8. You can get a pair for like $100
Yeah I was thinking about going with those, only issue is that literally every kid at my school has them, idk.  
There really isn't much else that looks good and is functional. You can find plenty of waterproof boots but they're going to be clunky and ugly.

Thoughts on the Yeezys? They're alright, but not worth 350 lmaoo

fuccboi as fuck. would only buy just to re sell on ebay for $2k. Nothing will top the black Yeezy 2.
They're disgusting and I'll cut ass on anybody who even thinks about buying them. Motherfuckers wanna drop crazy loot on something that looks like a Supra/Aldo collaboration just because Kanye's name on it. You should be ashamed for paying that thing any compliments. That isn't premium construction worth the hype or the price tag.
we should totes start a THF WAYWT.

fuccboi as fuck. would only buy just to re sell on ebay for $2k. Nothing will top the black Yeezy 2.

Kanye stans still gonna buy them because they blinded by the hype sad

Cold weather too? If so, Rocky has awesome thinsulate boots on the cheap. I worked at a car wash in northern Michigan and wore them thought the year, got a bit too hot in the summer though. But my feet never got wet. They looked really good too until the soap ate up the leather.

@Desa I got the email earlier. I'm hoping they'll add more colors. Also they have a thing now that they'll send you 10pc of clothing to try on at home for 3 days. Similar to other sites. So I can actually see if there stuff fits now.

just ordered a white oxford and some loafer socks. My Cole Haan loafers are a size half too big so I have to wear two pairs of super low cut socks for them to fit.

Good cops today

New watch, H&M button down, J. Crew chinos. I'm upset that I didn't get two more pairs of the pants. It's very hard to find pants that fit me but their 484 fit is fucking perfection. Looks good with one, two or no cuffs. They have WHITE too. Gonna scoop those and a light beige too. $75 a piece but worth it. They also have some floral shirts but I couldn't find an XS in the print I wanted.

one side is single cuffed other is two.


Edit/ fuck it, went ahead and ordered another pair in a light pebble color. white was in store only.  I've dropped like $500 on clothes in a week. Now I just need to wait for uniqlo to get in there spring shirts and I'm set.

any of you know how to repair lens scratches on your shades? pls advise



are they made of glass or plastic?