Official Clothing Thread/WAYWT

ended up going with the burgundy and black zero grands. 10/10 shoe. 


Also got the Cole Haan Willet Moc Camp Loafer. Literally the prettiest show I have ever seen. So excited. 

copped the new palace drop

Walking into Simon's a while ago, the door was coming undone at the bottom and it passed over my foot with an audible tear; it had cut into my shoes. I alerted them so as to avoid them the trouble of having another client in sandals approach them with a cut foot (it was still summer). Without even question, they offered to replace the shoes

They were the adidas pure boosts i had gotten a while ago, and was like that's cool I was looking to replace them, maybe with the newer model as I do want a casual comfortable walking shoe in the wardrobe. Ended up getting these Ransom's instead. Never heard of them, never seen them. Thought they were cool, fit well, pretty comfortable (can't say yet)



gonna sit with them, unsure if i'll want to still go for the boosts still

Also got this for winter (never really had a decent jacket). Absolutely love the style and material (no leather or furs is plus), but its smallest size is still fucking big. Anyone have experience with altering winter jackets?



what are some cool things i can order for winter wear? i'm talking jackets to some fancier shoes i could wear with chinos. just any recommendations really. need some nice shirts for inside as well.

this thread 

oh?! post that sick thread you copped bruh!!!


bought a black digital casio today. needed a less nice digital for my ems classes. 

not too much. maybe 100-150 max per item. paying much more than that for anything seems absurd.
Good boots will cost you more than that. But as far as jackets you can get a decent bomber or a nice m65 parka. I'd go for the parka. 
i liked the oxfords i saw a page or so back. may be too cold for winter but that's the style i'm thinking. never could rock the boots much although i appreciate em.

what's your style or what do you want it to be? laid back, fashion forward, normal but better quality? 

In the winter I stick to dadcore. Boots and button downs. Earth colors like forest green, navy, shades of brown. Sweaters over oxfords with chinos or raw denim are my normal wear. I rock a military surplus flecktarn camo parka w/ liner for my jacket or my grey Colombia fleece. 

Desa will always recommend Chelsea boots even though I'm not a fan. It's all about footwear and outerwear for the winter. Look to buy a jacket and shoes before you look into regular shirts. Doesn't hurt to cop some flannels though. 

Recently copped this puppy but it isn't supposed to come for a few weeks since it ships from Japan : /
hey laddies : ~ }
what are some good brands for parkas and jackets? i don't have a specific style in mind yet. i'd just like to cover the basics.
you can go to a surplus store and find real parkas all day.
i used to have these: