DaY GameR

Does anyone from way back in the day remember DaY?  I vaguely remember the story of his accident.  I think he was in a coma, and had brain damage.  I'm not sure why he popped in my head, but he did.  I was looking around the old H2F graveyard, but couldn't find anything.  My original profile was deleted for some reason (still salty about that, Z).

Just wondering.  Anyone heard from NitE?

Not sure about either of them, but I made a thread awhile back and if you look at the replies you might be able to find someone who knows them :)


Welcome back! :) NV1 might be able to recover your account for you if you ask him.

Damn, son!  That thread brought back way too many good memories.  I couldn't find anything about Day, but I'm determined to find out.  Just cause.

I'll holla at NV.  It would be cool if all my PMs were saved, or if I could rummage through the H2F archives and look at the old GFX section.  Thanks, Hable!

OMG! I went through way too many pages in the H2F Off-Topic section to find info about it.  I found Dela's thread where he updated up until Day (Joe) woke up from his coma, and was transported to a different facility for rehab/physical therapy.

Then I did a quick Google of his name, the accident, and the city:

My boy made it!!! 


He posted the actual video of him jumping out the car the night it happened.  This is so scary.  It's good to see him doing well, and teaching others from his accident.

damn dude glad to hear he is alive.