Where did you go?

Sometimes I wonder what happened to this place. 

There used to be a decent amount of activity. We had a sizeable group of regulars; both Halo and COT posters, but also new members signing up. I'm not saying this place was blossoming or thriving in the later years, but atleast there was a sense of community and people seemed to stick around for that.


Where did everyone go?

Dunno man, after the movie comp, it completely died. Active at peak went from 50-70 to about 4 now

halo is shit


cot didn't give a fk about halo tho

I think the transition to the new site + Halo dying off around the same time played a bit part in it. With any social platform it's important to have a large userbase at all times, or else it dies off. So I'm sure a lot of people come back, log in, see no activity, and log out. 

We're also all old geezers now, which could play a big part in it.

Yeah, I log in maybe once every two weeks to check if anyone I like has made a recent post. Sighing and disappointed, I sign off. This is the case 99% of the time.

Discord killed the forum format.

I miss the good old days. Wish I had a time machine. Some of the best periods of my life were on this site and playing Halo. 

Used to be on this site constantly for a period of time, it had a hell of a run. Was just thinking about this place and if it even still existed. This place was my first forum experience.

343 killed Halo which in turned killed the community. I know the forum isn't the same but no one started The Halo Forums just because. We were on here to discuss about Halo but whats to discuss? I do want a revival though. Not just from the community but from Halo 

I always believed Halo 3 should have never left the mainstage. Super Smash Bros Melee is STILL being played in competitions with THOUSANDS of viewers each event. 

Having a career pretty much sums it up. Time is more valuable. I havent really gamed in years. Gonna meet up with marruk and deathenator next week and play halo. But thats like once in a year thing.

Hope everyone is well

I havent signed in since the new site. I guess I just made a new username and one post and that was it. A lot has happened to me in the last couple years and just kinda drifted away. And halo died lol. Kinda thought the site died with it.

But its cool to see all these old names again. Miss you guys. Miss the community we had :(

I work a lot. I still think about the hours I sunk in, posting so much. I was prolific but I don't think anyone read most of it anyway. I wonder why I did it.


Watched a couple of the downloaded montages I had while clearing out my hard drive and thought I'd check this place out for nostalgia's sake.

Tbh it was already dying after the competition and I hated the newer Halo games so I just moved on league, csgo, pubg, etc. I definitely miss the fun times I had in Halo 2/3/Reach and I still love making little videos for my own entertainment whenever possible, although I have less and less time for it.

I still get people commenting occasionally on the few videos I made during the competition and I'm happy I was able to leave some sort of mark, however small. Feels nice to know that a handful of people still enjoy my videos even though no one really cares about the game anymore.

Hope everyone else is doing well too :)

hi im new here :)
I honestly think going back to the old forum would spruce some life back into this place, it would at least be less intimidating and nostalgic for old members checking in so now and then which is really all we have left at this point.
Halo is back and active seems....Halo 3 ...fun again..

Halo is dead, forums are dead, we're all old.

I'll pour one out for the old days.