Where did you go?

Sometimes I wonder what happened to this place. 

There used to be a decent amount of activity. We had a sizeable group of regulars; both Halo and COT posters, but also new members signing up. I'm not saying this place was blossoming or thriving in the later years, but atleast there was a sense of community and people seemed to stick around for that.


Where did everyone go?

Dunno man, after the movie comp, it completely died. Active at peak went from 50-70 to about 4 now

halo is shit


cot didn't give a fk about halo tho

I think the transition to the new site + Halo dying off around the same time played a bit part in it. With any social platform it's important to have a large userbase at all times, or else it dies off. So I'm sure a lot of people come back, log in, see no activity, and log out. 

We're also all old geezers now, which could play a big part in it.

Yeah, I log in maybe once every two weeks to check if anyone I like has made a recent post. Sighing and disappointed, I sign off. This is the case 99% of the time.

Discord killed the forum format.

I miss the good old days. Wish I had a time machine. Some of the best periods of my life were on this site and playing Halo.