Pandemic AMA from the People's Champ. Does everybody miss me?

I don't play Halo anymore. Got carpal tunnel in my right thumb, so I had to go PC master race. The joystick acumen is probably gone. I still claw but it's painful. Life as an adult has been hard, but good. I got the girl. Made good money. Bought a home. Purchased a record store.  The family is happy and healthy. Some would say, I've made something of myself. I moved up north to Canada, and get really homesick for Brooklyn and America, in general. Kind of dodged the Trump years which worked out in my snowflake favor.

There's a lot of you out there I miss and want to exchange info with. Please don't be a stranger. Life is too short.

Do you love me?

Glad to hear youre good smutters.

Why a record store?

This pandemic has been lame asf. But I'm just blessed to be an essential worker during these trying times. Hope everyone has been well.
Ash1980 here, I forgot my old account a couple years ago so I made this one.  I just recently came back to see how this site was doing, and oh my how shit has changed. Ray, why the hell did you buy a record store in 2020? 
The man simply loves records.