Who else? Gotta be a lot of you who come back from time to time just to see how things are, if the sites still up.. etc 



Edit: gang!

I wonder if Osageballer927 ever did figure out the magnum guardian glitch

All I can say is he was a guiding light for asking.

Should I have kids? How did I do the turf superjump? How do I find out if I have a pension? Why did I enjoy Foundation as a map? Is Phurion multiple people? Should I be worried my pinky has felt numb for a month?

All questions I keep tucked away deep inside.

oh shit, i'm 16

I like to pop in from time to time.

Don't really post though.

this place popped into my mind, hope you're all doing good

Gang ?

edit: it just dawned on me this account is older than I was when I signed up...