What is your Realistic and Dream Car?

My Realistic Car would have to be the Camaro ZL1. I have driven this car, and it is a monster. Love it!

My Dream car is the one and only, Godzilla! Nissan GTR heart

I'm not super into cars but the rolls phatoms are fucking sick.  

Realistically I would love to have an audi or a chrystler some day.

My Dream car is the one and only, Godzilla! Nissan GTR heart

I bet you'd get a vanity plate with that on it. wink


I am the "guy with the truck" among my friends. I love my truck. But I would love an even bigger truck. 

Parking is a bitch, but god damn, you can do anything in a big truck. 

As far as a completely unrealistic dream? 




My realistic car would be a Lexus IS-F or an Audi.

Unrealistic? Probably an Aston Martin Vanquish.

My realistic dream car at this point has got to be either the 2015 Acura NSX or the 2016 Toyota FT1. Obviously my only realistic chance of owning either of these is to wait several years, buy used, and go broke haha. Still potentially realistic.

At the moment I'm driving a RHD '98 WRX STI Type RA, and may be getting the new BMW M235i if all goes well this summer. May have to wait till next summer.

Edit: Oh and as far as unrealistic goes.....LaFerrari 100% of the time.

Realistic: Z06

Dream: 458

Realistic a new corvette.. maybe a GTR later down the road when I'm like 35+

The Denali runs about 55K brand new. Maybe in the near future......

Datsun S30 is a project I must start on sometime in my life. I don't think there is any other candidate which is as timeless as this - it coud've gone into production 50 years later and still be modern. Fuck I want one bad.





S30 is my absolute favourite and it's realistic. I wouldn't say no to a 288 GTO however.


Better strike while the iron is hot @brooney

There are only going to go up in price as they become less available over time

my dad had an S30 as a twenty-something, totalled it :( looks bad-ass in pictures tho

Realistic : Grand Charokee SRT8. I really like 08 and 09s better than the new ones but by the time I can afford one those will be out of date prob. Newer ones are growing on me tho

Dream : Have to drive them to be sure but either an Audi R8 or 458 Italia. prob the italia if I had to choose one. But if were dreaming and I can afford one of them I can more than likley afford to buy both...along with a few others=D

Realistic - GT-R

Dream - McLaren P1

Realistic: Jeep Wrangler 

Dream: Hennessy Venom GT 


Realistic: I plan on getting this when they come out with the Duramax model in 2016.

Dream: 1969 Charger, black and red with white leather interior :drool:

Will edit with photos when I'm not on mobile but....


Realistic: 201? Range Rover, Murdered

Unrealistic: Lamborghini