Workout/Bodybuilding III: Revengeance: Part Deux

Too deep/descending too quick?  Stopped lifting once school started up for a bit, but switched back to high bar now.  Dropped the weight back down a little - this was my last set of 5x5.

Need to make sure I'm keeping my core and hamstrings tight on my way down.

looks good to me. did your sister choose the weight for you


do you think those shoes help you a lot and how narrow are they towards the toes

ye looks good m8

do you think those shoes help you a lot and how narrow are they towards the toes

Yes, huge difference for me.  The added mobility was nice but the stability is what I noticed the most, you feel glued to the floor.  They do get pretty narrow towards the toes but I have somewhere between narrow-average foot width so it doesn't bother me (still noticeably tight though).  

265x3, 275x2x2, 285x2x2, 275x2 (long pause), 265x2x2 (long pause) 


great bench session. probably could have gotten 300 today. saving it. I need dem three plates

are you still getting a lot of knee pain from squats bromara? because it looks almost like you're snapping your knees back into place to help finish the squat rather than just driving the weight up.


disregard if nobody else sees that

are you still getting a lot of knee pain from squats bromara? because it looks almost like you're snapping your knees back into place to help finish the squat rather than just driving the weight up.

Still getting some knee pain, yeah.  I see what you mean but I think it's more likely something to do with hip/glute tightness, tight IT bands specifically.

The lower back pain is what is confusing me the most though.  I never had it until I got squat shoes, and now I'm getting lower back pain with high and low bar squats.  It's possible I just tweaked it when I switched to low bar and it just hasn't gotten better after switching back to high bar. 

Also very possibly connected to my issue of hip tightness though, just gonna keep working on mobility.

benched 295 for a really ugly but three white lights single. did 275x1 then 285x1 to work on not touching too low like I did with 295. hit 295x1 again very clean and fast. missed 300 the next set. 



sew close

I've been focusing more on staying tight, pushing my knees out, and coming out of the hole with my glutes/hips/hamstrings, and my lower back and knee pain has quite noticeably lessened over the past two weeks or so.  Pretty sure I was just trying to bounce out of the bottom straight to my quads and that was making my squat weaker as well as causing the pain (at least partially).

Feeling a lot stronger too after making the adjustment, getting a lot more activation with all of my leg muscles.

Yeah I mean I agree with you myzo. that's why I asked in this forum, I figured willey or somebody might know what the word is. In the podcast I was listening to, north was talking to what I'm assuming is a pretty legendary WL coach named Sean Waxman. And also for what it's worth I'll post the vid of the podcast where Rip was talking about it. You can form your own opinion after that. He starts talking about it at 14:00.

Idk how to make it embed.


Haven't been using my main comp for a while so I haven't checked this thread in like a month. Pretty much correct on the Olympics thing. We currently have no spots, but are very very close. Enough countries ahead of us got popped for drugs at worlds so it put us somewhere in the 25-30 range, and you need to be top 25 for 1 spot (if not qualified through other means like winning a worlds event or something). So yea, we gotta do good at pan ams. Kendrick has one of the top sinclairs (similar to wilks but for WL). He moved up to 94 like a year ago and didn't fill it out yet, so he's got a higher sinclair's than the other 94's even if he isn't outlifting them all the way. The person who goes also needs 2 international events prior to the olympics to qualify, so there's a short list of people who can go, so he's really likely. Alex Lee, Leo Hernandez, Travis Cooper and Norik Vardanian are the other names that have good chances of taking that spot.

In regards to Jon/SS etc. Jon has probably brought more people into the sport of weightlifting than anyone else, and is an incredibly talented weightlifter. Yes I agree he goes a bit...over the top in his social media stuff, but from everyone I've talked to that's actually met him he's pretty down to earth and an upbeat guy that just loves getting people involved in the sport. He's incredibly influential, regardless of how good he is. His cues for teaching seem to be based on how he himself lifts, as he does lift like he teaches. But his cues are easily misinterpreted as what NOT to do with weightlifting. It's very hard to describe certain mental cues that may work on yourself though. Try describing exactly how you swing a golf club to someone who knows jack shit about golf and you may start to see what I'm trying to convey. It's very hard to coach weightlifting, and being a good athlete doesn't automatically translate into good coaching. So is Jon a bit over the top? Yea definitely. But he's not a moron, and he's a damn good weightlifter and just strong dude overall.

In regards to the SS stuff. Yea I agree rip isn't a good source for WL. Justin Lascek actually tried doing low bar before nationals one year to see if the strength gain would carryover well. Said it completely fucked him for it due to different strengths/weaknesses and bar path mechanics. I completely agree, as I struggled when I transitioned over to weightlifting from low bar squats, even though my low bar was fairly narrow stance and upright.

Mary Peck is a very talented lifter though, and lifted under Pendlay for a while when he was still at Cal Strength. She's in some of the old videos when Jon and Shankle were still there when she was just starting. The other guy in that vid (Tommy) is her coach/bf, not sure where his credentials come from though. Kinda looks Russian, so idk maybe came from there as a lifter? So even though I didn't watch that video (bout to sleep), she's probably got pretty accurate information on things.

All in all though the US is fairly weak compared to international competition. Kendrick, Morghan King, Mattie Rogers, Jenny Arthur and Sarah Robles are the only lifters with any chance of winning anything, and even then they're long shots. I think 7th is the highest any of those has gotten at worlds or olympics in the past. Kendrick was only like 10-15kg off the CJ 85kg WR though before he moved up to 94, but good luck getting to Ilya's 233 record. Mattie is still getting better and better and is only 20, so she could get a lot better placement in the coming years.

Additionally, CJ Cummings and Harrison Maurus are insanely strong and super young. Both are 15-16 right now, and close to hitting youth world records in 69/77 classes. Go look up both, they're insane. Front squatting nearly triple bodyweight at 14. Harrison CJ'd 400lbs already at 169 at 15 years old, and CJ won nationals at 14.



In terms of myself and what I've been doing with lifting lately. Been off and on since visiting WA over Xmas, and haven't gotten solid training in since then longer than 2 weeks. Yet somehow I've hit 5 snatch PR's (102 -> 103, then 104, then 105, and then tonight hit 106 and yolo went for 110/242 and got it first try). I've also cleaned 132 and 133kg (290 range). Squats have taken a back seat, but I'm going to cycle them back in when I start a new program next week. My best high bar is just over 400, but I'd like to push that to 450 if possible, and front squat to 375-400 range. Based on my current squat I should be hitting like 125/155 so I've got a lot of reserve strength, but can't always hit my maximum. I work 10-11 hours each day and am walking 6-8 miles during that in work boots, so it's very draining trying to go straight into heavy lifting right after.

Gonna try to sign up for a meet in like June though and hopefully hit some higher numbers. Sadly American Open totals jumped a lot this year due to way too many people being at the last one, so that's a long shot right now. I'm currently at 110/133 right now for a 243 training total. 250 was last year's AO and this year is like 274 or something like that, so I need to hit like 124/150 or so to qualify. Not insanely far off, but then again it's hard as shit to PR in snatch/CJ as I've found out. 


Catalyst is still fucking sick. Went to cal strength last week but it was damn near empty. Wes Kitts was there, talked to him for a while and he invited me to come in on a heavy friday session. He was snatch pulling 200kg to his chest, fucking monster. 

how did they determine QTs for nationals this year? Similar case with powerlifting, last nationals was way too big so they increased the totals a lot. They set the qualifying totals at the 85th percentile of all results from all comps last year. Meaning it's 1349 at 205 to qualify. If WL did a similar thing that really puts in perspective your lifts. good stuff dood. 


Trying to get two more guys from my gym to go to nationals. One guy is really close to hitting a world record masters squat and the other is a multiply -74 guy who, if he did a USAPL meet could finish top 8 in lasts year comp

Dayum Willey came in here just dropping straight knowledge bombs son, thanks homie..

I wanna do a meet soon too; I've lost a little bit of strength lately cuz i've been trying to lose a little weight. I skwaated 405 for an easy 5 before I started losing weight, and I could barely hit 390 for 4 last night. I really need to cut out the fuckin alcohol. I drink pretty much all weekend, and I'm pretty sure it's fuckin up my gains too. It's just hard especially with St. Paddy's day and spring break coming up.

Switched up my lifting routine recently. I was going to the gym 5 or 6 times a week doing an upper/lower/rest regimen and playing basketball on my off days. Now i'm only going MWF but doing full body workouts. I've been making great strength gains, and in just 2 months I can tell I've put on some decent size (i'm 6'1" 185lbs). I think all the rest is really beneficial. 

Anyone else down with the full body workouts?

p.s- I've been really interested in Steve Reeves lately. If you don't know who he is Steve Reeves was basically Arnold before Arnold. He was an actor and bodybuilder and was supposedly all natural. He wrote an open letter to Arnold about steroid use and the direction bodybuilding was headed as a sport.  Here is a link to the letter for anyone that is interested:

The meets are weird. They're like a % of what the top 3 finishers were at worlds the past 3 years or something. So if top guys were like 330, 335, 336, you'd average those out to like 332, then do 70% of that or something. It's really weird and complicated. And because some countries skip worlds to focus on olympics it skews numbers certain years. They adjust them on their own after that (as you see for this year), but these past few years are the first where they've had a huge influx of people.

Been going to the gym regularly for about 5-6 months now. I'm the type of person who always started and stopped about every 3 months.

Finally got all my maxes to = over 850 lbs. Feels pretty good where I'm at. Hopefully I can keep the motivation

Yeah I've heard a little bit about that on Jon North's podcast. Going back to him for a sec; myzo is right that he isn't the smartest tool in the shed. However, I listen to just about everyone of his podcasts even tho I don't do WL at all. I think Willey's right in saying that he's pretty motivational. He just kinda pumps you up to put your hands on a barbell period. Plus, him and the Cal Strength dudes were pretty influential in the WL boom a few years ago.

my arms are long

bench? yeah widen your grip

So I'm pretty sure my core/posterior chain is my weak point with my squats - which may sound odd?  Switched back to low bar today because of that and focused on taking a breath and keeping my core tight (pretty sure not keeping my core tight is why low bar was hurting my lower back the first time I tried it out).  It felt really good actually, dropped the weight a little to make the adjustment but I think it will be better in the long run.

Worked my way up to a 1rm after my 5x5 working set and managed to get up to 275 with good depth, which I was pleasantly surprised with since it was after my working sets and my first day back on low bar.  Definitely going to add in some accessories to try to get my core/back caught up - also going to make sure to start deadlifting consistently, which I have always been bad about and which is probably a big reason for those weaknesses.


First USAPL meet today. Squatted 140,150,160. all super fucking easy. haven't really squatted in a month because my bum leg. got that straightened out and made some real attempts. 


Bench was feeling shitty. 125,130 were good. missed 135. meet Pr by like 6lbs. 135 would have been an all time PR. 


deadlifted 202.5 to open easy. jumped to like 217.5 and then 227.5. which is technically a 1.52 lbs PR but also huge cause it was on a USAPL bar and not a deadlift bar. 



also lap my buddy qaulified in the opens. nationals here we come. 

Well this thread fuckin died. 

Been trying to get back consist on diet and lifting and sleep all at once. Seeing some big benefits. Snatched up to 107 last week (110 PR done once), but didn't use straps for it which is awesome. Hitting 125-130 a lot more on CJ's (275-290 range), so I should be hitting 300+ soon. Everything is feelin strong and quick. Back squatted up to 360x3 for a final set yesterday after a full day of jerks and push pressing. Gonna try and find a meet for mid may.

working far too much

I don't really post because I don't have much to say. Work capacity has been cut in half really. Found out the pain I've been having for the past year was a slightly bulging disc in my l4-L5, so I haven't squatted or deadlifted in 2 months, and I've been doing core and spine drills and rehab. It feels good, no pain for the past few weeks, even did light squats and deadlifts today with no pain. Working my way back up. 

Willey, don't you go to Catalyst? Did I hear that the gym closed down?

Update on my training... I've done some different things recently. I've been focusing on increasing my work capacity and conditioning. I've definitely leaned up a lot in the past few months, but my strength has suffered a little bit. I'm gonna start doing a basic version of Texas Method again. I'm hoping that I can get my strength back pretty quickly. I want a 500 squat and deadlift super bad. Also really wanting to hit a 315 bench and 205 OHP. Just gonna start killing some calories, and try to keep the diet as "clean" as possible.

Willey, don't you go to Catalyst? Did I hear that the gym closed down?

Update on my training... I've done some different things recently. I've been focusing on increasing my work capacity and conditioning. I've definitely leaned up a lot in the past few months, but my strength has suffered a little bit. I'm gonna start doing a basic version of Texas Method again. I'm hoping that I can get my strength back pretty quickly. I want a 500 squat and deadlift super bad. Also really wanting to hit a 315 bench and 205 OHP. Just gonna start killing some calories, and try to keep the diet as "clean" as possible.


Yea it's closing on the 30th. Trying to figure out where I'll be going after. Maybe shankles new gym, maybe a crossfit gym. Signed up for a meet in May

Question, my un couldn't give me a personal trainer so I started doing shit on my own. Should I be concerned if my knees "crackle" when doing squats? Like, see a doctor/don't proceed type caution if so?

i don't really have knee pain but it's not a good sound, they also grind/crackle if I'm on my back and bend my knee in the same stance (no weight on my knees)

no, if it doesn't hurt it's normal and fine.
Yeah I'll second that.. If you're pain free then you should be fine. Post a vid of your squats if you're nervous about it tho
yeah i'll second that post a vid of your squats. it's important that you place the cam behind you.

Thanks. I think my form is fine I just have shitty knees. Sometimes I feel tightness but still no pain. 

I'll probably try the video at some point when I lose my friend that is guiding me. (I still don't know wtf I'm doing)

Yeah I'll third that, post a rear-view squat vid ITT and we'll help u out

I'll try it next week when less people are there. I don't think my form is as good as I thought it was. I did weights today, I did squats with the bar and it just didn't feel right at all. I don't know what the machine is called but you lift up and forward and then twist back to put the bar back so it's not completely free/open. I couldn't get low enough without feeling like it was trying to take me backwards.


my hands are also completely torn up, I did about 45mins of weights and had to stop because my hands were blistering/swelling and not from exhaustion. :(


eta: I also couldn't get my back straight with straight leg deadlifts. I'm not 100% sure her boyfriend was guiding right though, I have a damn curve in my posture from being pregnant and it doesn't go completely straight ever.

smith machine. don't use that pls.

285x5x5 Beltless pause squats 

405x7x3 Beltless deadlifts




paused bench.


things are going well. came off a few months filled with half ass peaking for too many meets I didn't care about. back to volume for a while. I feel like I have a ridiculous amount of room to grow. bench has really stalled but I've been widening my grip and now I'm at max legal width and my form is so solid.working on less knee travel in my squats and sitting back into my hips more. been deadlifting in heels and not letting my knees shoot forwards. bw up to 190.  #roadtonationals