Workout/Bodybuilding III: Revengeance: Part Deux

good job myzo. came here just to make you feel better about being the only one that posts in this thread anymore.

thanks :)


just competed. 



squatted 400,425,440. 440 didn't count because i didn't get deep enough. pretty pissed. benched 297, missed 303 because of silliness and a misheard command. got 303 on my third. deadlifted 500,530 then an amazing 550. less than I wanted on squat. bench is always tough and less than i wanted but huge huge PR on deadlift

Haven't had that much time to lift because of university so I'm only getting in the gym 3x per week with 2 upper body workouts and 1 lower body workout. I'll lift about an hour and a half and then sauna. Mainly just been focusing on the compound lifts with reverse pyramid training and I'll throw in some rest-pause training for exercises like lateral raises, seated pulls, and curls. Been in a deficit the past 2 months and still have been able to increase the weights and make some good strength gains. I have never been more cut in my life and it feels freaking amazing to be in the prime of my life and be in my best shape.  I'm 6'1" 175lbs and somewhere around 8% body fat. Once I got the diet on point it changed everything.


only workout i got today was a match of tennis

other than that i dont go to the gym very often,, i enjoy playing sports more