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So, new site new music threads.

I beginn with postig my favorite melo death band in here, the just uploaded a new song for their upcoming second album.


got an insomnium vibe to it imo.


Holy shit mate. Idk how you did it, but you just made 10 of the same thread.
Not sure either but I just deleted the others.
I'm sad on the inside because there aren't any good metal bands out there right now that are truly in their prime. It's all a lot of "melo-core" nonsense. 

depends on what you see as a good metal band ;)

in the powermetal sector, sabaton,powerwolf and blind guardian are on a good high

in melo-death insomnium gains more and more attention even tho they are in the game since 17 years.

also accept and kreator are on their new high since 2-3 years.


I want a Krisiun, Hypocrisy, (later) Immortal, Decapitated, Vomitory, Bloodbath, Carcass, or Vital Remains to come and just blow the doors off the whole thing. 


probably the only deathcore album I enjoy. I can't get into any of their albums after Jason Richardson was dropped. His lead playing was unreal.

Ensiferum's new album is great. IMO way better than Unsung Heros.

Listen to these two bands alot recently.

Favorite release of the year so far? Here's my top 5:

1. Liturgy - The Ark Work (some may not even consider this metal lol)
2. Bosse-de-Nage -  All Fours
3.  Glaciation - Sur les falaises de marbre
4. Leviathan - Scar Sighted
5. Mastery - Valis 

hmm I think I only bought and cared for 2 new releases so far.

Ensiferum-One man Army


but I also haven't paid much attention on what's coming out this year

been jammin some new August Burns Red, honestly i think their new album is the fucking best thing I've heard in ages.

made a video yesterday of a song off their new album


sorry for self promo


nice, forgot about august burns red honestly..lets see you cover one of these :-)

i'll do those sometime in the future

here's some Hester Prynne and Necropolis 


cool drumming man. self promo accepted ;)
damn dude i didnt think youd be able to play those bands haha. those covers were sick

Soilwork and Disturbed released new singles of their upcoming albums.