The Photoshop/Graphics Thread

Show off work, share ideas, make a request, or ask questions about Photoshop!

I had a lot of fairly decent things I've made on my old computer, but not too much on this one as I haven't really dedicated any time to making things, but I do want to get back into it!  Has anybody else made anything, no matter how good or bad, that they might want to share?

Sure thing. I'm really not much of a graphic artist at all, but I put together this banner for my film. It was cool to see something I made printed out in huge form at the premiere (they hung this on the wall as a photo backdrop). 

Also, I'm stoked because now that we got into film festivals I'll get to add the laurels (those little logos of the festivals) on it. 

some of the last sigs I made... it's been a while, but I wanna get back into them again

(everything posted below was made with straight defaults in photoshop.. no downloaded brushes, C4D, etc.)

my all time favorite i ever made: