Post your desktop

This was a thread I always liked years ago, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to start one here.

My desktop is currently pretty messy, but oh well:


This may be a little large as an image.  Whatever.  It hasn't changed for a long time.


Nice, I need to check up on Tyler Young again, probably has more stuff up on his deviant art page. I would definitely check that out if you are looking for more in the same vein. Currently in retrowave mode. Second screen is my primary, I just have a small preview monitor off to the left for editing/streams/etc.

From my laptop:

Aaaand here's my Surface:

this goes out to everyone without genuine windows
you win the internet lahey

I have a dual screen setup with my gaming monitor but I usually only use that when I'm editing so it's nothing special.

This is the Linux Mint desktop. Normally I'd run a very cool KDE desktop in Ubuntu but my computer here at work has technical limitations on all the cool transparency effects and junk. 


Cinnamon is a fine WM. KDE went off the fucking rails years ago.

Cinnamon is precisely the reason I can't do any of that cool stuff, because it sucks at compositing (e.g. Cairo Dock).

EDIT: Also the manager in the pic is MATE. 

That it was so easily mistaken just goes to show how much attention to detail the Mint team puts into their shit.


Wish there were a decent tiling extension for Cinnamon though; the old one I used was broken by a GTK update last fall.

Was it updated recently?

Was it updated recently?

No idea, that's just the only one I can think of besides Compiz. 

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