@Ian and I will both be going as pm this year

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Events, costumes, etc.

fucking lol

dat artistic prowess though.

IRL I actually most likely won't be doing anything :/

Connor is batman, I'm going as a cat/cat woman. Trick or treating with the kids and going to take him to see goosebumps earlier in the day. Bowing out of the adult activities this year. 

PM's pretty jacked.


@MsTkEyes s'cute. Batman's always a good idea

@Ian what would you be if you were

@Dante he is actually

I am still unsure, want to face paint though
Will be a Kanye West 2020 campaign supporter Thursday - Saturday
how will you go about it
Bought a Yeezy 2020 sweatshirt and a Button that says "Kanye for President"  with an American flag. Probably the best $20 I've spent
that picture is gold
I would probably wear the priest costume that I have sitting around but have never worn for 'ween

Dope Pope, i dig

@pm pls respond

are u and ian still coming over for midnite brunch?
Nice of Halloween to give you an excuse to buy the Yeezy shirt
I have a black leather jacket and ozzy Osborne glasses. So uh that's my costume
I hate halloween 
i fucking love halloween.

gbn guys
Not sure i can be asked to dress up, i want to but no idea what, might wear this friend of the families clothes and go as a paedophile
Rhis said in Halloween
gbn guys

what is mean?

my cousin was Ned Flanders last year (always tries to incorporate and keep his stache), and a friend of ours said he looked like a pedophile with jaundice

Happy Halloween, guys. Die in your fucking sleep.

going as desa and ian
*goodnight guys.

had that tab open when i woke up lol.

@pm show us the look silly!

@Lat3ksi not sure what's going on there but I like looking at it

If y'all can guess what it is I did something halfway right (filter slapped to help with the inaccurate colors)
my highlight of my Halloween was turning my watch back an hour. Such a wild n crazy night. 
I didn't dress up but Marshall had a pretty awesome slenderman costume. Coolest 5 year old ever. Michel and I wanted to go as attack on titan characters but we didn't give his mom enough notice to make the costume, so next year I guess.
Seen't it, rad kid fit
u wish 
Yo where the fuck is Lahey? Wasn't his birthday on Halloween?


he stepped out for a while. missing him