The Firearms/Weapon Discussion Thread

Bought a XD40 for stupid cheap

Ordered an AR15 80% lower receiver milled in 7075, anodized black. Finally doing a AR build. I could have bought a stripped receiver but I want to have that ghost gun. Government won't even know the gun exist since it has no serial numbers. Got a good fucking deal too, $60 for it. 
im sure our ghosts guns here in merced has created a stir...lead DA investigator was suprised when i told him everything he held in his hands came through the mail...

Couldn't wait. Buddy is getting a CNC machine in 3 months. Gonna hold on to the 80% until then. 

Did pick up these today for myself. Aero Lower, magpul moe+ grip, magpul moe sl stock, magpul trigger guard, lower parts kit and buffer assembly with an h weight buffer. I originally wanted the stock in flat dark earth like the grip but they didn't have any. I'll switch it out later. Keeping everything else black, but I'll use FDE pmags with it.

$292 for everything. 


and yeah I know the trigger guard isn't attached. I can't get the fucking roll pin to go in all the way. I don't want to smack the shit so hard with the hammer is scratches the lower. Actually thinking about switching to a black grip then getting a gold forward assist, takedown pin and pivot pin. Would be beautiful. That's just thinking though, tbh I'll probably just stick what what I have. I don't want a safe queen. 

we didnt use a cnc machine, all we used was a drill press some drill bits and a mill bit. we also used a jig. so if you have access to a drill press, there you go...if you got a polymer lower you could use a dremel...

I know I could have. But I'm saving $100 by just waiting. Plus I don't have access to a drill press.

Ordered the matching aero upper receiver, port door,  forward assist and a few gen3 pmags yesterday. getting my bolt carrier group and BCM charging handle next week. 



Took a risk and ordered a Palmetto State BCG. Got it on sale for $79. This isn't a Gucci build so I'm not going all out and getting the best parts money can buy. It's seems good though since it's the Premium model. HPT/MPI marked, chrome lined and the gas key is staked really well. I ended up getting just a standard mil spec charging handle. Gonna get the Ambidextrous Raptor in FDE down the road. I like the BCM handles but the Raptor is so fucking sexy.

all that's left is the barrel assembly and the build is done.  Still can't decide if I should get a free float rail or just a drop in magpul handguard. I wouldn't get a FSB though, probably a railed gasblock and a flip up magpul BUIS on it

Maybe if other people visited this thread talking about guns or knives I'd post some lewd pics of my girlfriend like this


now that's a guy who really loves his guns, wonder if she's jealous...

BTW: i believe i run that same bolt, althought i got it for 100$

Barrel, BAR nut, gas block and gas tube came in today. Barrel is 16" CMV. All that's left is handguard and optics.  Def will get a better flash hider too. Just got a standard A2 birdcage. Probably will swap my magpul SL for a CTR with a riser

Ordered a 12" MLOK handguard. Have my eyes on some magpul BUIS and a vortex optic and it's done.  All in all for the rifle by itself it was $900 for everything. 

we shot dads new .44 henry for the first time today. What a beast

that's fuckin sweet

Feels good knowing I built this.

WW2 weapons anyone?

It's only cool if that's a hex bolt Mosin
Hex reciever, its pre-ww2 and used in combat. I have the original bayonet for it as well.
That's whatsup. Did you buy it before the price rise? Mosins used to go for $100 all day 2 years ago now they're $150-$250. Shoots anything you feed it too, steel cased 54r is a big boy round. 
got it for $150, not too bad. Amazing to shoot as well, hopefully going to buy a nice original PU scope to throw on it, make it look more official.
Can you find cheap PU scopes? I know ones that are original and come with the issued PU scope are expensive. I have a non hex mosin that collects dust in my closet. Sold my 12g Saiga and XD40. Arsenal consist of Rem 870, Mosin, XD45, Shield 9mm and my AR. Picking up a full sized M&P 9 once I get my tax refund back. That'll be my new carry for winter. 
I don't know about prices, however I would be willing to pay a good amount for a nice one. Looking for a carry sidearm recently, something not too pricey but still reliable. Looked at some Sigs and enjoyed them but still looking.
Get that mosin from big 5?


for californians ...

nvm, apparently california has a ban on all fire rate enhancements including the bumpfire who needs it anyway...

Off to the range to break her in. Got plenty of rounds to burn through.

edit: rifle shot flawlessly. picked up a Daniel Defense superior flash hider while I was there to get rid of my cheap A2. glad to see that it works. 

Bought it from my uncle who owns a range and store in Chicago.
tax refund coming any day. picking up either a Glock 19, M&P9 or a CZ-75. Leaning heavily towards the M&P9. Need a new full sized carry gun. Getting like $1400 back so I'll get that along with 500 rounds of 9mm.
M&P9 is a good choice but I have always had a place in my heart for the CZ, absolutely love it.

The CZ looks great, supposedly has really great accuracy, all steel frame but I'm always partial to striker fired unless it's a 1911 or revolver. Hitting the range tomorrow, picking up a shitload of .223/5.56, some new mags, forgrip and maybe an optic if my LGS has a one I want. Really wanting a PA advanced micro red dot with a 1/3 co witness. Need to get a bore brush while I'm at it. 

New black pistol grip and an MLOK AFG