Man...What a time to be alive...

Call it nostalgia.  Whatever.  The fact is, there are some of us that used to be so invested in this place that we would write 7 page novels to preserve the connections we had made at the time.

And the more you dig...the more you'll find.  I seriously can't believe that Nv1ncible saved it all.
If you were part of that thread, and you don't say something here, you're a dick.

Here's to hoping that we can rebuild something like what used to be here, but without all the overhead bullshit like before.  And there are plenty more posts just like this running around that place - still searchable.  It's almost unreal.
shatter studios. loll and then there was bangarang and of course tife. can anyone think of any other sites that we spawned?

Well...if someone can get ahold of Nok, he's the one that made like seven of them.  He can tell you what all or most of them were.  Shatter Studios was weird to me cause it was like the 2nd or 3rd attempt at the same thing...but I think "the backup forum" could have been legit big idea.  Not just for H2F...but any forum with any type of setup like we had.  Dozens of inside members from forums of other games, movies, books, etc.. that had an "inner circle" in a place where they were outgrowing their normal hangout or subject matter - move the inner circle to a longer lasting non-subject-based location.   I don't play halo anymore, but I liked the people that I met when I did.  That's part of why I'm back.

I feel like THF is a lot closer to that idea than H2F ever was...but we're still tied down to the halo subject.  I don't remember TIFE though?  ThisIsForEm?  Cause I almost thought that's how "the back up for em" was actually spelled...but that stuff gets hazy.  (I found out that I don't remember the actual spelling of a lot of users I used to talk with all the time, so this isn't really surprising.)  But I wanted a bigger better idea, not a smaller splintered idea, and that's what it always felt like going to one of those spin-offs. 

yeah thisisforem. created by poopdeck pappy when many regulars started getting sick of z's shit once again. it was actually still online until just the other day. only got a post like once a month though.