ATV and Off-Road Talk/Help

So, I've got into the off-road scene quite a bit more over the past few years, and I thought this would be a great place to talk about projects and ask for help or opinions.  Plus I would love to see what you guys have or where you've been!

My current ATV I'm playing with is my 1984 Honda ATC250r, it's honestly too fast to have fun where I'm at right now, so I want to trade it for a 4-wheeler.

  Just ordered new front and rear tires for it in hopes of upping the attractiveness of the bike. It's seriously in near perfect condition though.


I just had to sell my '79 Chevy Blazer when I moved up to Alaska and that blows because I put way more money into it than I came close to getting. ):

When I got up here though, waiting on my other vehicle to be shipped, I bought a '93 Suzuki Sidekick that I plan on making a fun little go-places vehicle, it's completely stock right now with a solid motor and good tranny, needs a clutch job and a new soft top, (besides obvious wear and tear for a 22 year old vehicle, it's in awesome shape.)

My current project is taking the motor out of my streetbike and dropping it into a Banshee frame. My initial intent was for dune racing, but I am no longer in the desert so it's probably just going to be done to say I did it.





Anyway, post em up, lets talk about stuff, I know a good bit about turning wrenches and I'm good with late model Chevy's, jeeps prior to 2009 and a lot of ATV stuff.

I had an off-road tonka truck once.
Please, only LEGIT posts in this thread. Tonka trucks are obviously 2 wheel drive and unfit for off-road use.
would really like to get a fairly new Ranger for our business. Those things are so boss.