Work at an office? What style do you work in?

I've been reading random horror articles about the new "open office" trend, sometimes referred to as "benching." Some companies are opting to re-format their office layouts from traditional partitioned workstations to vast, wall-less open spaces where you can see co-workers 200 feet away. 

But according to articles from Time, Forbes and the Washington Post, trendy "open offices" have been a disaster. Have you worked in an open office? What was it like?



I can't imagine working somewhere like that. I'm in a cubicle at my work - which is bad enough considering I end up being on the phone for conference calls, etc a good portion of the time and I can never fucking concentrate. I'd rather be in a completely enclosed office.

I work in an office has rows of cubicles and and open floor space in the middle. 
Do the partitions at least absorb some of the sound?  Some are better than others.

I would die in that environment, that makes me feel anxious looking at the pictures. 

I have my own space that's joined with a cooking area shared with maybe 8ppl max on the floor. I usually close the door and open the windows for fresh air, even got potted plants that we all care for. A girl down the hallway plays the ukele and sings occasionally too.

Love my work environment, afraid I'm never going to find something as nice. No no no to open offices.


A lot of engineering firms use that environment. A friend of my who works in that environment loves it. He said it made it a lot easier to make friends at work. At the engineering firm I work at we use the traditional cubicles, which i love.  I work at my own pace, watch highlights, text, watch standup, and do a whole bunch of other shit I really don't want my other coworkers to see. 

Posting this from the only non-cubicle or office in the entire place. We ran out of cubicles when we built them all a few months ago, and I said I would be happy to be without. So I'm a loan soldier in a sea of cubicles.



Got word I'm getting one in the coming weeks. Ah meh. 


I am right by the main hallway entrance, though, and the printer... so I have to hide stuff from my screen all day every day. Took me 5 people passing by to finish this post. 

Posting from my own office. Just rippin' farts all day worry free.

great job perpetuating a regime of violence on your very own body everyone