Post your phone home page

That is sick. Mind linking me the background image?

Well, not sure were i found it at, I use buzz launcher on my phone.

but i found it by googling

i dont feel comfortable with half naked chicks on my background in public. i change it to one, and then change back to something else an hour later

I used this on my lockscreen for a while... never felt bad about it. if it was on a table or something and my phone lit up, any guy who saw it would stop mid sentence to stare. even girls were like, "wow, nice."

can post full res photo if you want.. photobucket is gay and resizes everything. it's a 1080p wallpaper 

theres a full? should have always been that crop (on your phone)

Please tell me where is a full picture of that girl..

Got the new Android update on my phone and messed around with Nova:



edit: heres that full body pic.. my god.



thats a female you
pretty psyched about my new one

I can't, I have porn on mine.


nexus 6 master race