8 years later and you're all still here?

Hey guys, 

Forgot my fucking login on my account, and I'm sure nobody is really that interested in what's new in my life. But I just got off work and though of you guys after smoking a bowl or two. 

It's 2016 god dammit, where the fuck did time go?? Last time I checked, I wasn't an adult. Funny how that goes right? Anyways, I'm currently working at a badass web hosting company and working with a great team of individuals that push eachother to be better than we were yesterday. When I joined this forum I was a sophomore in HS I believe. Started working around then, wondering where the fuck I'd go in life. If I'd always make that $7.50 an hour bullshit. I'm not sure if this forum is still a majority of youngsters, but if there are any of you reading, don't believe a fucking thing this system pulls over your eyes. Anything is possible. It's taken me 8 years of pushing through adolescence and fighting procrastination to get to a point where I don't worry about money anymore. I remember the days where I scraped by in life, that shit is terrible. I know some of you have been through that as well. And now, at 25 years old (holy fuck), I'm doing adult things and living my life on my terms. I remember showing a few of you some dance vids I started making when I was just starting to learn.. still going at it and I'm a lot better at it. I do a lot of writing as a hobby and am one of those Instagram writers that your girlfriends all follow, that shit came out of nowhere a couple of years ago. I live on my own in a modest place, so I can stack the papers higher and higher. Work is beautiful, I go in and have a blast with the team. I'm doing a lot more traveling, with this unlimited PTO that the company allows us. I'm single and it's great, don't rush that shit if you don't need to. Beyond all of the above, I've got no debt so there's a huge stress reliever in and of itself. 

How the fuck is everyone else doing in life? 

Hey Dano, I can reset your password on your old account for you. Check your PM's (message icon top right next to your name).
God damnit do the same for mine then!!! PLZ
@Narcotic, done. Check your PM's.
George, is that you?!
I'm still here.
Awesome to hear man, you gonna post some recent dance vids? :3
Show us your hairy balls again!
I don't know why but im thinking of Erika now, was that her name? She posted a pic of her vag. She was pretty cool
God Damn It, Thomas.
Is that the person who got outed by kiko? Or was that someone else
wow i forgot about kiko damn
What's kik up to these days

damn I missed that vag pic



of all the time I spent on here and I miss all the important stuff

Is that the person who got outed by kiko? Or was that someone else


(s)he still chats me up now and then
I guess I'm missing something about Kiko? was it really a dude this whole time?
on topic though: dano you can never outgrow your faggotry.

Kiko no, erocka was maybe? She posted this one face pic and kiko used her magic kraut powers to spot the photoshop or something. I don't know the whole story. Erocka was posting juicy slit pics and it went downhill from there. 

I miss eROCKa. She was one of my favorite members.  Or he. Whatever she / he was, she / he was awesome. 


Kiko on the other hand... good riddance. 

@pm on here or another platform

@hable i miss the stir she gave people, and that time more generally



There's like, 12 people from the old days. lol

Still, it's good to have you back. Where the hell is Bee Are Pro too?

I'm only late to the party by about 8 years..
I miss Brit too, the one who posted her awesome photography
More like 3, but I'm sure more fun stuff will happen my friend, 
eROCKa was a solid poster for sure.
Had she/he ever posted a photo other than the cooch
Yeah s/he posted face pics. Whether the vag and face pics were actually her idk.
doesnt really matter at all to be honest.
I wanna see user vag pics.

10/10 just creeped on  eROCKa on H2F. Worth. She was a cutie with an attitudie. 

The majority of her posts were in the VIP Section and they were grand.

$50 says Wes still has the vag pic on his PC.

Get on MCC big boi.
I remember it was her and Token holding down the old photography thread, miss that time
too young for the vag pic but remember lurking the old site in like 2011