Model Thread

Anyone here interested in doing models of any sort? I was on instagram the other day and saw someone post up a picture of the head of a Gundam model. One thing lead to another and I had one at my door yesterday. Did it in about 4 hours, it was my first time doing a model in years. Was a lot of fun and it looks great on my desk. Just ordered two more that will be here on Mondaycool 

Have a panel lining marker coming in the mail as well. Shipping from china so it wont be hear for a month :/

I also really like the price point of these models. The one pictured was only $14 shipped

I used to do model cars as a kid. You've hit my creative nerve, now I want to do one again.

Current wip:


Had to do a lot of seam filling and shit, I've had it primered and waiting for paint for a few months and just haven't found the time.

Bandai Gunpla kits are a ton of fun even if it's just a straight build. 

I like doing minimal painting, just small accent things that can be done with a marker, but thats just me personally.


Have the EW Heavyarms coming on monday. Was only 30 dollars shipped, figured why not, fuck it.

I'm kind of curious how the Sprukits Master Chief model is, but I refuse to buy it since they used the terrible new armor. I can't help thinking that the older style would have looked so much better proportionally as a model. 


a master chief model would be dope

a master chief model would be dope

If you're feeling brave after that Heavy Arms:

It came today

Love the packaging itself and the box art is great. Cant wait to get a start on it after class today.

Also put the extra features on the Strike Gundam, think it looks pretty cool