any Red vs blue fans?

I was just wondering, I don't think I've ever crossed this subject on THF before.
I picked up Redvsblue from Roosterteeth when they had uploaded the tex fight from season 8 to youtube about 5-6 years ago? don't know exactly.
I remembered I loved the animation Monty oum could pull off (RIP)
later I started watching from season 1, and by this time I think I've seen all seasons at least 4-5 times.

I love the series for a couple of reasons: their humor is hilarious imo, the way how they put old jokes in later episodes or just come back to fun stuff they did always get's me 
the story of course, it's amazing how well they thought this trough, I can't believe how complicated it got after season 6, the way the story went was amazing.
and of course in the later series, the animated fighting scenes are pretty impressive.

so, I can't possible believe there is no one on this forum who is counting down time till the next episode?

Great series and always worth watching. I stumbled across rvb on netflix ironically enough, not sure if it's available in other countries but it's definitely on there. They put each season into it's own episode so it's really easy to watch.
I watched the old seasons of rvb a long ass time ago and I really love all the characters in the series. Some episodes really stand out and I remember going back and watching them multiple times. I used to keep up with rvb when they started animating the episodes, but then I will admit I forgot about it. They have some good shorts on their site too.

One of my favorites:

"Oh, sniper!"

"Got it!"


And of course Vicks answering machine.


Haven't watch the new episodes or seasons in a while.  But RvB will always have a special place in my heart.

vics answering machine is one of the best moments in the entire series imo


Grif: "I bet the blues don't have to put up with anything this anoying"

*other side of the canyon*

vic's answermachine: "to mark this answer as urgent, press 11

church: "there is no 11 you fucking whore!"

there are so many great moments in it, loved the blue team surrender in the first season as well.
surprised that there isn't anyone keeping up with season 13 tho, the series has gotten much more serious that's true. I kinda miss the simple touch it had in the first 5 seasons. But now I'm just fucking curious how the story will continue. 

ive been keeping up to date. had no idea s13 was out and just got through the first 5 episodes with the 6th coming out in half an hour. i am a fan of the more serious tone, but i still go back and watch the first couple of seasons from time to time. the two styles are very different but ive loved what theyve turned this series into, the new storyline with Felix has been interesting and fantastic imo. 

exactly, couldn't have said it better, watched the entire series again when I ran out of game of thrones right before season 13 started.

I'm really curious where they're going with this, I also love how te bring older characters back, people you assume that are death or done in the series. like main, who I really thought was dead this time lol.

and then there's donut

actually now I think about it, pretty much everyone from the red and blues has died at some point.

also laughed my ass off when tucker took out that picture of junior in the basketball team

plus having so much invested into these characters makes it that much better to have such an interesting storyline. just stopped by r/RedvsBlue and there are tons of theories of the season 3 prophecy involving the Great Weapon and Great Destroyer coming back to drive the plot, which i think is just awesome.

where can I read these theories? I made an account once, but I just kept watching the videos and that's it.
no idea where I can find a forum about it, really like to know what the community thinks indeed.

I wonder if they are going to do something special with main besides letting him destroy everything, Carolina and main haven't been face to face since he stole her A.I's

Anyone remember Fire Team Charlie?
the rooster teeth forums really are the best place for fan theories.

haha, god it still kills me every time


Anyone remember Fire Team Charlie?

2nd greatest Halo machinima of all time.

never heard of it, gonna watch when I can
Older RvB was much better imo. Once they started in on the Epsilon/Freelancer stuff it stopped being as funny. Still enjoyable, but definitely less so. I really thought the series should have ended after the Tex/Church/Director plot was more or less resolved.
Fully agree. RvB was at its best seasons 2-3 IMO.

I disagree with it having to end after project freelancer, I get that you liked the the first seasons more, but the series just changed.
I love how they got the story going, and there is still plenty of funny stuff in it, just interupted by serious/action scenes.


The Codex Series
Love RvB, very well written. RoosterTeeth is just a great company in general.

yeah, animated adventures is great too,  RT life & RT shorts are usually great. specially love the ones where micheal eats stuff.

still my nr 1 favorite by far lol

I even watch the podcast sometimes.

but most of all I can't wait for RWBY volume 3 altho I'm not sure how it's going to be without Monty oum being around before it was finished...

I've got the Ten Years of RVB blue-ray set, but I haven't even started watching it. It's more of a cool collectors item for me I guess.

I watch their Youtube shows regularly though, but I've slowed down significantly over the years. I enjoy their podcasts and shorts the most, and I've kinda fallen off the let's plays. I actually have most of their podcasts downloaded onto my phone, so I can just listen to them when I'm at work and the hours are slow. I think I'm at around #50 now since I started at the beginning.

Proty, I love their podcasts! Also their other podcast "The Patch" is good too.


Marksman, I have the ten year box-set as well! Lot's of cool shit on there.

damn, I wish I had it, tbh I don't have the money to spend on it, I torrented the seasons, but I'd die to see the extras/deleted scenes

can't find those anywhere


fuck halo guys, let's go play this instead, this would be amazing with 15 of you idiots lol