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I love you, Al.
luv u 2 bb
Just went through a throwback time on YouTube watching all the great montages back during the H2 days and made me think of this place, surprised to see that it's still up and somewhat active.
ya for sure dawg
No one else loves you, Al.
So I've been mostly playing computer games lately. A little bit of Fallout 4, Civ 5, and COD BO3. I would consider getting an Xbox One with the latest Halo if some regulars around here still play. This forum seems pretty dead, but would love to hear some of you still play and want to rage it on some Halo, which I haven't even heard if it's worth it or not.

anyone seen this?

A good number of oldies are still around, everyone hates the most recent halo though (H5) so they mostly play Halo 2 on the Master Chief Collection, which idk if you've heard, but it's full of bugs and the matchmaking experience is terrible. H2 customs are pretty popular and fun though, I'm sure if you have the money to burn on an Xbone, you could get into some of those.

7 years and still no bongos 3


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I keep posting and running, it's not Facebook official, but I found out I'm having a healthy baby GIRL! :OOOO

Connor is not happy, his face went so flat when he found pink in his cupcake. 

Lmao, grats MsTk!

7 years and still no bongos 3


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Dutchy was going to edit but then he seemingly cut all communication with me out of the blue :(.

I didnt have the heart to continue after that.


EDIT - congrats MsTk.

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Congrats MsTK!
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mmmm ya Al get it
oh ya gurl i got the fuck out of it