What's on your mind?

That Stream Deck device looks like it takes streaming to another level. 

It really is a neat product, and also easier troubleshoot for my end. The company has been moving into more premium equipment which I think is a great idea.

you coming to the farm progress show this week Al

Yeah we went up today. Drove by most everything, really only interested in drainage machinery. Brought a golf cart so didn't have to fuck around with walking.

Did you check it ou?

I heard Howard Buffet bought tickets for a bunch of kids in decatur.

No i didnt go, just not interested in it really. You should get some Maddox sweet corn if you come back.  Good ass corn. I helped pick it a few years ago and i work with son, hes also a UPS truck driver
I seen their truck go through mattoon several times a couple weeks ago. We grow our own, it's good af too :)

Miss this place back when it was bumping. Miss the old layout, miss the people, so many great memories. All I ever do now is come on here few times a year and post something pretty similar to what I'm saying now lol. Great times for sure.

RIP Halo

Does everyone else have to log in every time they visit the site?

Man I swear that kills the traffic so hard no joke. Like someone thinks "Hey, I'll go check out H3F why not?" and then when they get here they cound't be asked to log in again so they just exit the tab without posting.


Yeah i mentioned it months and months ago and still nothing
Checking in, now I'm sad..

the grade 9 drama class is being taught the recognition/reversal element of tragedies, and as I went looking for movie examples to help illustrate the concept I happened upon another forum's gotzeus



while this might sound odd to you and make absolutely no sense

you have to be a thinker / observer to really appreciate it

so without further ado

there were two movies i watched basically back to back that i got the same message from

" the skeleton key "

as well as

" the exorcism of emily rose "

while im sure they sound like odd choices

and whoever is reading this is going 

" whaaat? "

those movies were kind of a reaffirmation about certain aspects about life, that caused me to go on a great " thinking " quest

very few movies have caused that

but my basis for those choices 

have to come down to one line

" anything is real, if you believe in it enough "

i know amazingly basic right. but it is quite true if you really think about it.

apply it to aspects of your life or friends / situations youve come across

now im not taking away from catholics... / voodoo workers

but as a whole thats what those movies got across to me

with enough belief

you can mind trick yourself into believeing really anything

therefore making it true, if only in your mind

but thats the only place it needs to be true

is in " your " mind.


and if you can mind trick yourself

you can mind trick the majority of others


notice how i said majority

because i leave room for the intelligent ones and the lazy people that could care less

regardless a very powerful thought


nightmares or miracles can happen


all one has to do

is just simply believe



gotzeus, how you be?


edit: the spoiler feature is tripping so soz

Shit man I've been listening to halo soundtrack tracks and it's taking me back. Crazy this place is still up and running, even though half the posts here are people saying they're checking the place out and reminiscing. Juuuust like this one.

Good times. A lot of time wasted here. Halo was a fun ride while it lasted.


well there was a shooting at my high school today. only one kid injured but doing fine

fucking twats

I know what youre talking about, didnt know you went to high school about

Do any of you guys have this problem or find this annoying? Every time i type up a facebook status on my phone, every letter i type everything goes big then gets smaller after each one up until i have about 2 sentences typed then it stops doing it. Its very fucking annoying

nah dawg I stay off facebook