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Thanks for the info. Did MCC ever get fixed? Like is it populated at all now? 
I know i shouldnt be surprised but .. Destiny 2 is the most copy and pasted sequel ive ever seen. Barely anything different than the first

No, MCC never got "fixed" properly. The matchmaking has undergone significant improvements since launch, since they basically had to fix that or no one would buy another halo again (literally 90% of better of the population couldn't get a game AT ALL the first month). It took a full 4 months for MM to work even remotely as well as other titles. Think about how much the first month matters as far as a game's staying power/population drop off. I'd imagine that more than half of the people who bought MCC at launch never even got to play MM and likely turned their back on halo for good because of it.

Nowadays, the game is tolerable. Some lists still display a 1-50 rank which is achieved through winning, but the population is so low that they've opened up the matching parameters completely. I'm a ~10 in many playlists and consistently match 50s along with level 1's. The cross-game playlists (BTB, Team Slayer, Action Sack, SWAT) are pretty well populated, and the 4v4 100% H3 playlist is pretty alive as well. Something neat that they've done is arrange the lists by population (or at least their population when as of late 2015, lol) so you can kinda gauge popularity. No population counter, but it works okay.

I was finally able to long in. The fuck happened to this place? I mean obviously its dead but you can't even do basic functions like make and account or reset your password.

Anyways I was feeling nostalgic and thought I'd drop by and say hey. If anyone wants to catch up or chat feel free to send me a pm. Does anyone play mcc regularly? I was thinking of getting back into it when I have the time.

About to finally get out of the Army in the next 3-4 months, in the process of getting a contractor job with the government. Just feeling real nostalgic lately. Hope y'all are doing good.