What's on your mind?

Also I managed to reset my password after a year of trying. 

no i actually just got out of prison
I miss you, friends.

Met up with KBlocker on CS:GO a couple of days ago in solo queue MM.

Needless to say, we both top fragged

did you suck each others cocks
It was a 6 to 9 scoreline at the half I guess that's close enough

does davo still come around here

need to ask that nigga about which fish oil is best

I think I missed you the most Al

I just browsed the old forums for about an hour - so much gold.


anyone remember halo online?
anyone remember halo?

I think I missed you the most Al

oh sweet dude thanks

I believe that. haha
Aliens, WW3, the new world know, the usual...
Surprised to see this place is still around.

Surprised to see this place is still around.

Same... I type out the URL every few months to see if it has disappeared yet, but it's still breathing. Makes me sad looking at CoT and seeing posts from months ago on the front page. This place used to move so fast, but we're the most recent posts in the last three or four days. 

I really do miss checking in on the forum throughout the day and seeing some actual activity.
you faggits only have yourselves to blame
Who is keeping this place alive?
Does it look alive to you?

It appears to be on its death bed.

This makes me sad.

I only come back for Al's avi
gotta get that 30k before you retire tho
At this rate I might get there before I die at age 88
hey guys sup
missed my 12 year anniversary fuck
I'd make a joke about it being because you were too busy farming, but that would be corny.
The world cup is going off

hey guys sup

hey babe

So I take it allison is never gonna stream?
I think getting pregers put the kibosh to that

*Cracks open door, peaks head in* Oh hi.