What's on your mind?

Some of you probably heard but Corsair bought the gaming branch of Elgato. So I'll officially be under Corsair monday.

Got my corsair email and everything. Pretty cray
Sweet dude. Aren't they focusing on smart home shit now or something?

I swear to god I keep randomly seeing shit about halo on Reddit or YouTube and instantly get the feels and have to check back here. 

I miss the old rep system and all that drama

How the fuck is life going for everyone? 

Wife and  I went to my parent's house for the weekend and my mom gave me a letter she got in the mail the other day. Apparently in 8th grade we had to write a "Time capsule" letter to our future self.... First line is: "Just released my 4th montage under the name HAble. Probably get to 100 one day. These things are dam awesome!!"


Sadly I made it above and beyond that number...


Second line was, "I'm growing my hair out and it's looking great, I'm going to keep growing it out!"


Sadly I didn't get a girlfriend...

Sweet dude. Aren't they focusing on smart home shit now or something?


Elgato Systems was the main company. It had Eve and then Gaming. Gaming was bought by Corsair so the remaining part of the company is just Eve Systems and focuses on that.

hi I'm going to New York City with contra this weekend thought maybe you guys could have a laugh
can I come

Been watching too little or too many videos on lawn upkeep lately, cant decide. But Hank Hill wont have shit on me here soon. Also planning on selling my house next spring or so after its fixed up and move back in with my mom while I find another house to flip. This wasnt the plan for this one but might as well get everything i put into it plus more

was hoping to see someone familiar on the discord. hope you're all doing well :D



we really out here huh
I'm on there but rarely check it out

About to fill my 3TB tv show hard drive. After much deliberating I picked up an 8TB ironwolf. Hopefully it won't be much louder than my wd red.

Been on a torrenting spree trying to get as much shit before move back home. Will go from 500mb to 5mb lmao

Will go from 500mb to 5mb lmao

well that's going to blow. you can't get any better speeds?

Possibly could get better with Hughesnet. They advertise 25mb speeds but have shitty data caps. Like low tier is 20-40GB and most expensive package being like 80GB. After you go over they handicap your speed to 1-3meg. Fuck that shit.
do all providers have data caps over there? I'd much rather have 5mb unlimited data over 25mb 80gb for the same price. 

Their isp now doesn't have data caps but for some reason get pretty finicky when it comes to uploading. They've straight up shut our service off when I used to live at home and left the torrent client open during the day. Idk what it was about uploading. Didn't care that it was torrents just didn't want uploading. Had to do it during the night when no one was in the office (pretty small isp).

The local phone company has dsl with no data caps but I think im too far away to get it.

Having not been around here for years it brings a little tear to my eye seeing that Creators Platform isn't active. Hopefully Infinite doesn't suck all the dicks and allows for more videos where we can hear "Only Dutchy would get a jaro like that".
Will be moving back home in a couple weeks or so. Reallyyyy not looking forward to 5mb connection but wut u do
Where's home that has such a bad connection?
rural small town illinois

I miss the old rep system and all that drama 

COT was the shit back then, the girl advice thread and the confessions thread were legendary.  I miss the old forum.




I miss the old rep system and all that drama 

COT was the shit back then, the girl advice thread and the confessions thread were legendary.  I miss the old forum.





Agreed.  Forum drama was the best.

Got out of a toxic, probably abusive, three-year-long relationship last month. Yesterday, I accepted my first "big boy job" and I'll be moving to Columbus next week. Thanks for tuning in, folks.

fun fact i drove through Columbus two weeks ago

that makes us practically brothers

Heck yes brother. Why were you driving through?
Headed to Maryland for a friends wedding
played a game of h2 BRs on warlock and got my shit absolutely pushed in. 6 kills is respectable for your first game in 3-4 years I'd say
Sorry about all the JB I used to post guise. I was JB technically so. yeah.

Miss the old forums. Fuck I miss you ELMO RIP

Fuck I miss you ELMO RIP

RIP sweet prince. he was a shooting star who burned bright all the way till the end. too good for this world  <3


hi Sociable 

come onm dogs.


Halo infinite trailer

Halo ce shield noise

classic diaper armor

Cortana being dramatic

Marty sounding soundtrack

Chief being a brick in space

Looks like halo to me

I miss being a teenager 
I had a dream i moderated this forum last night.