What's on your mind?

You tryna come at me for mod oty 2019?
Wondering if the PC version of MCC will be everything I'm hoping it will. Haven't had an Xbox in a long time, so I really want it to work out. I miss H2

nostalgia is a bitch


Had an old xbox friend pass away a while ago and was reminiscing.


We had hung out a few times in real life (visited him in Boston when I was visiting colleges and then another time when my family flew him down from Boston to go to our beach for a week). I got a text from his father; it seemed like an automated message  sent to all of his contacts. I responded and his dad remember me. We exchanged words and it was absolutely soul crushing. It's one thing when you fall out of touch with someone because you can always check up on them through social media. It's another when they are dead. day to day it's no different. But then that split second they pass into your thoughts; not being able to check their IG feed and see a glimpse into their life is crushing.


It's crazy to think that this forum was such an integral part of my life for so many years and now it's just a sliver in my memory. No one in my life todays knows this place exists and it's a weird feeling. 


Hope y'all are well. Is anyone in the NYC area?

Man I hope Halo Infinite brings everyone back. I miss you guys.
That its been 12 years since ive joined H2F! got damn! good times

Rhis x KayEmX - Composure (2019) - Edited by LiL PAYN3

trailer will be uploaded to tomorrow

losing files from mythica and having to rely on filefront is a trauma I haven't recovered from.
Halo reach is just such a tease. I want halo 2 NOWWWW

losing files from mythica and having to rely on filefront is a trauma I haven't recovered from.

got damn filefront was butt lol. thankfully wetransfer exists 

halo reach hardcore is actually mad fun. Backing it all day.
my first forum, this place raised me on the internet

Halo and Minecraft? Halo and Doom? Now I've seen everything.


Miss you guys
That was dope
Hows everyone doing lately with their jobs/workfromhome.

I've been working from home for many years now. Specifically almost 3 with ElgatoGaming so my day to day hasn't changed. But it's more difficult to go out for lunch due to traffic being ironically worse with people going out.

Good news is that more people staying home means more people probably streaming so I'm staying very busy and am not at risk like some workers in retail or food service.

Im one of the only people in the company still at the office. I feel like Home base for a military operation its weird af. It might get pretty fucked pretty quick as far as assignments drying up as i mostly consult about public areas.. for now I have plenty to do though.

I did prep my house for work from homs if measures tighten.

I'm WFH as my employer is pretty flexible. Our governor (Ohio) is issuing a mandated stay-at-home order for everyone in non-essential positions. Just waiting for shit to slowly hit the fan over the next couple months.
I've been wfh for five years now. I work for a pharmaceutical company.  The social isolation has been soul-crushing and the job itself is a passive-aggressive micro-managed nightmare with attrition rates north of 40%, but atm I guess it isn't so bad, in light of current events, 

Might finally kick the kids off my Xbox (who are forever building coasters in Minecraft while yelling at exploding creepers) and get around to playing through Fallout 4 or Outer Worlds. Because there's nothing quite like riding out an apocalypse by playing through a simulated apocalypse.   At least in the game world I don't have to worry about hoarding tp.
Ive joined the WFH club. Not looking forward to it.. gonna be boring. Ive been playing halo mcc on pc,  just cause 3, la noire and dirt 4. Havent gamed this much jn years

yo I fuckin love some good ole h2


and WOW this place really fell off holy shit. I miss this place. 

I jut watched it and Death Machine 2 is the best montage everc= made, by far,


I alwasy waqtch it again and again and again. its gods work.

I'm at UPS so nothing has changed here. If shipping companies get locked down, things would have to be pretty serious