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Durant was asked about Jeff Green's addition to the Grizzlies and how Tony Allen guarded him less: "I don't give a damn who's guarding me."

11:39 PM - 11 Feb 2015


Sorry for the double post.

I love Gobert.

Probably just setting myself up for disappointment, but I'm expecting an awesome Saturday night (3-point and dunk contest).

This fashion show is just about the dumbest shit i think i've ever seen in all-star weekend. The only thing that's good about it is Kevin Hart's take, that's it.

yea wtf is this shit


very excited for the competitions tonight. ima take korver for the 3 point contest and giannis for dunk contest. LETS GO GREEK FREAK

I'm going to take Steph to win it and Klay to come in 3rd
The lavine dunk was amazing. Victors was great too, but a dunk loses its appeal once you fuck up
LaVine was born to dunk.  I'm ready to see him and Wiggins go at it in Toronto next year.

ASG was pretty cool. curry to dirk oop was beautiful, and dirk doing the vinsanity impression. 


'once again, be happy with Amare.'


oh, I will.

I like what Amare adds to the Mavs but people need to stop acting like this suddenly makes them a runaway front runner to win the championship. 

team that is top 3 in offensive efficiency and bottom tier in terms of defense adds a player that is decent on offense and STINKS on defense



team that is top 3 in offensive efficiency and bottom tier in terms of defense adds a player that is decent on offense and STINKS on defense




simply put, dallas can't be worrying about offensive and defensive strengths right now. we need size. tyson chandler is battling an injury, as is monta. i'm happy we got some size with amare, however I know the defense will take a hit, at least until rondo gets back. you gotta understand that rondo makes dallas a better defensive team. I think I read that since rondo joined the mavs before his injury, they were 3rd ranked defense in those 20 or so games. so if we get all these guys healthy, and have amare as another big instead of powell or smith getting a lot of minutes, it should work out. rondo makes everyone better on defense, so I think they will take the slight downgrade on defense that comes with adding amare, simply for the size and depth of adding another big man, one who is capable of averaging 12/6, at that. 


besides, the offense is more than capable of scoring plenty of points, so really all it takes is a small period of horrible defense until rondo can come back. yes, amares defense is a liability, but I think you have more to gain by adding someone with his size to a thin bench. he's definitely not a piece that should make dallas a favorite, but it significantly upgrades their bench and ability to matchup with teams with solid bigs like memphis, LAC, etc. 


i'm worried though, rondo hasn't exactly 'fit in' in carlisles offense yet. he needs to be back soon if we hope to gain a good enough amount of chemistry and cohesiveness as a team to be effective in the post season. with that said, i'm already looking at next year as a more likely chance for this team to be great. they have the pieces, but doing it on the fly during the season in a stacked division and a stacked conference isn't easy, and I think a full off season and then full season with the team as it is currently would do wonders for this squad. if the team stays the same as it is right now heading into next year, that's when I will start to be extremely excited about mavs basektball. 


kinda rambling here, but eh fuck it. 

too bad Nash is a corpse, that Amare and Dirk combo has gotta be tempting. 
07 nash/amare/dirk would be game over, holy fuck.

lets go UNC


(idk if we have a college sports discussion thread yet)

what a game
good lord that deadline. KG going home, happy for him. 

it was tough to pay attention during class because basically all the trades were coming in at once


idk wtf the 76ers are doing tho

good lord that deadline. KG going home, happy for him. 
Good for Minnesota, I'm hoping he'll retire with them. Don't know why he wouldn't. Best T wolve of all time, hands down. Now he gets to pad his franchise stats some more a little bit, not that any of them are in jeopardy. @moose, no one does. But what did they do this time? Haven't been keeping up with sports.

Not quite good for T-Wolves...they gave up a top 10 protected first rounder for < 1 season of Thad and a washed up KG.


However, I hope there is video of KG in practice with Bennett.

it serves 0 purprose besides nostalgia factor to get some cheers.
Finally got some time to check the madness today.  talk about a clusterfuck.  
I'm really happy Kanter was moved. Y'all better get ready for Gobert.

the 76ers moved MCW (who i thought could be a piece moving forward) and KJ mcdaniels (good wing defender who has an absurd amount of potential. athletic freak who they drafted in the second round). eventually the 76ers are going to realize you can't trade ALL your assets. MCW won RotY last year and KJ mcdaniels was probably the best pick in the 2nd round in last years draft 


also i too am excited to see gobert. he has absolutely 0 post up game, but he's a defensive juggernaut and has solid footwork that he can improve on 

i think Philly enjoys tanking and rebuilding. They'll be trading all of next year's first round picks for future first round picks. Great logic.
shaqtin a fool new headquarters, philadelphia 

Javale McGee should just get sent to the D League and forgotten forever. Wizards are 0 for 13 from behind the perimeter. Cavaliers putting on a clinic right now. Love seeing them hit their stride.

P.S. - I hope Chris Bosh pulls through. Found out an hour after I got my tickets for the next Raptors vs Heat game. That's my guy. :(

Hope Bosh recovers fast.
warrior's lunar new year uniforms were sick. actually considering getting those shorts
Trying to watch the Hawks vs Bucks game but a few fuckers brought squeaky chew toys for dogs. The noise is so constant, I had to mute it. Two random losers ruining the game for anyone who minds it. If I was playing in the game I'd Jermaine O'Neill falcon punch that mf'er.
Westbrook da gawd

this derrick rose shit man, like come on


pains me 

derrick :(
Seeing some things saying they they are hopeful it's more like Westbrook's from last season and he could return in six weeks. Have to wait until tomorrow to see, though. Have to hope for the best.

I guess I got out of Chicago just in time.