NBA Discussion Thread

Thomas is 6th man of the year. His play pushed a team in to the playoffs.
This series is going to be a scrimmage.
why do the cavs and warriors fans have to fuck themselves
Have you not read any of Platano's 4,000 post the last year? He's just a troll.
My Cavs are gonna fuck faces through all the hate and when the dust settles, arise as champions. Mike Miller hits the shoeless shot again, and we're in there like swimwear.
I thought you were a heat fan or something. No?
I still am a Heat fan. With that said, I'm a fan of a lot of teams, and individual players. Lebron and Kyrie having always been two of my top three players (Ray Allen being the third). JR Smith is my guy also. James Jones and Mike Miller were vital when it came to the Heat's last ring, and I like their personalities so I gravitate towards the Cavaliers. Lebron is the king of basketball. Hence, I support my King wherever he goes.

ahahahahahahah holy shit

Currys and 1's though.
what a scrimmage 
Anthony Davis always looks like he has a cold and he's really tired lol.
lmao ^ The Bucks really keep themselves in the game by forcing turnovers and scoring off of them. Should be an exciting series. Tons of props to J. Kidd.
fuck houston
I want to see AD advance to the next round but that won't fucking happen 
Draymond Green.
About fucking time Brooks was fired.
Rest in peace to Dallas and Dirk's pursuit of another ring. Rondo's back just conveniently imploded and Chandler is out.

"Back Injury"

Rick benching him is more like it. Rondo clearly doesn't give a shit out there.

I hope the Lakers get him, or Westbrook, or Love, or anyone that can help those fucks turn shit around. It just isn't right seeing the Lakers this bad.

I hope the Lakers get him, or Westbrook, or Love, or anyone that can help those fucks turn shit around. It just isn't right seeing the Lakers this bad.


as a Celtics fan for life, fuck the Lakers.

As a Yankees fan for life, fuck the Celtics,  the Patriots,  and especially the Red Sox.

Brooklyn going for the upset. uh oh. :O

It's embarassing on Atlanta's part that Brooklyn almost won this game.
I hate those bitch ass  niggas too, but still it just doesn't seem right without them in contention for atleast the playoffs.
Tie game. Holy shit this is messy. So entertaining, though.
The Spurs fight on.
lmao. They don't give up any opportunity to call out Duncan's well earned nickname.

i made two bets tonight. one was marcus smart making more than 1 three pointer and the other was lebron getting a double double


marcus smart sinks her first three pointer at the start of the game. what a feeling man

Cavs going for the sweep.




I love Golden State but it's pretty annoying to see Bogut get away with sexually assaulting people in the paint without the refs noticing. There were at least three times where he got away with ridiculously blatant loose ball fouls. Dremond Green and Harrison Barnes also put on Oscar winning performances for their respective flops. I don't want New Orleans to win the series, but I can't ignore some of the fuckery that put them in a position to lose before they imploded.
Like the Pelicans didn't get away with anything? The fuck.
Never in doubt.
Damn. Doc Rivers is annoying. You can just tell he's an ex-player. Guy bitches about everything that doesn't work in his team's favor.

he's definitely brought that mentality to the clippers. they seem to bitch about every little play

i find it kinda funny that i hate the clippers so much but i really like cp3 and blake griffin. i guess its cause they are the warriors rivals and give me a heart attack whenever they play eachother