Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Summer vibes...


Indeed. Such a slept on album. Dare I call it a classic?


Platano isn't that the same track you posted earlier today?

Fixed it.

Someone finally did the H'z some justice and made an uncensored edit of their verses on The Rap Monument. Now that you can hear em, they kill it.


Stop being annoying Kiko. Post once or twice, not 11 times in a row. I'm not going to tell you again.

I can't fuck with ANYTHING from OF. They've always just seemed so fucking lame and corny to me and I think most of them are shitty rappers


Ya niggas definitely haven't taken the time to listen to Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats then. They actually spit.

Hodgy is garbagy. I wouldn't let that shit in my ear drums if they bought my mom a house.

Your boy Smut is a hater. Quote me on it.

If someone could PM me a link to  download Earl and Bronson's new albums, that would be dope.
I'm not sayin they're the fuckin GOAT's or nothin, but they can rap. Just how some of the people here bump Big Sean and got a Yeezus shrine in their closet doesn't mean either is good. I fuck with em though, and Domo is honestly pretty nice but he's always rappin about smokin weed and shit.

Earl's new album is pretty average, not that I expected anything greater than what I got. 

Fav Tracks: Grief, Off Top, Wool

I'm just talking shit. They could be good lyricists but their whole squad annoys me, so that's hard to get beyond. Big Sean has bars, and even though I don't like a lot of Kanye's music lately, he's a legend. Go back and bump College Dropout and tell me he isn't nice. Factor in him producing all his own music, and that's a don right there. I love J Cole for that actually, being his own producer. Gotta respect it. I miss Born Sinner, I'm listening to that whole album today.





really digging earl's new album.  it could pass as a good mixtape to me though, doesn't really have an album feel.  almost every beat sounds crushed to hell and put through distortion effects, and the beat switch ups are exactly what is wrong with this album.  they help flow into the next song, but i'd easily prefer the song to just end.  too many times did he include his own little outro to the track.  Huey is so tight though, and it's a shame it's only like a minute and a half before it switches up.

i do love this project a lot, and it sounds like earl has his mind right.  he sounded careful and  didn't skip a bar throughout the whole thing.  it feels and sounds like a fresh start for him. 

i find myself skipping Inside and AM // Radio a lot.  AM // Radio could've benefited from not being crushed and distorted.  i'm also finding the DNA beat to be fucking ill. that fuckin versace flow.





earl's new stuff is pretty good. i agree the majority of odd future is mediocre now, but i still enjoy them for whatever reason. the beats do sound a little too lo-fi at times. new kendrick album ranges from great to annoying for me. some of his lyrics just seem to cheesy sometimes. bronsolinio is up next on the list i guess. what do you all think?

anyone have a download link to ab-soul's 47 Bars?  that came and went fast and i never was able to download it.

This should have so much more views, Hit Boy can Spit and the beat is Dope


Wale's album so fire...
I downloaded Rich Gang's mixtapes...

i was gonna post this.. havent liked wiz in a few years but this was nice. im taking it theyre trying to sound like they did in 09?

Wale's album so fire...

Wale is hot garbage.

Wale's album so fire...

Wale is hot garbage.

you're only saying this cuz your boyfriend retchy p dissed him lol
sorta, how fly, the mixtape wiz and spitta first came out with was released in 2009. They are making a tape or album called 2009.. Pretty much, How Fly 2. I bet it will be out on 4/20.

Wale's album so fire...

Wale is hot garbage.

you're only saying this cuz your boyfriend retchy p dissed him lol

Wale been steaming hot garbage way before that shit happened.

Rather listen to some real ass niggas than some soft ass niggas who's go to gimmick is making all his shit look like Seinfeld related shit.


everything about you is so "real" lol..... quit trying to be hard about everything man.

fly away by retch is the only good song that nigga is on. all his other shit is fuckin garb



I'm lowkey salty the goat Jerry Seinfeld cosigns such a wack rapper.

I'm lowkey salty the goat Jerry Seinfeld cosigns such a wack rapper.

Kind of harsh. That album was soulful. I don't fuck with MMG but Wale isn't garbage. The boy can rap from time to time, especially on this. Maybe my glorious day helped me enjoy it.

With Tobes on this one, last good track I heard from Wale was like Artistic Intergrity and that came out in like '09 or some bullshit.

Eric, you can suck this whole dick. Bitch ass nigga posted a track with Wacka Flacka on it and tries to tell me RetcH is garbage, yea ight pal.

Jim, ^ .

Spanish bitches tell me papa mi casa su casa.