Hip Hop Discussion Thread




can't wait to hear this live July 3rd :D

Vince Staples album is amazing... really amazing



yooo.... Travis Scott's new single>>>>> he never goes over a shitty beat


i maed dis today

Vince Staples album is amazing... really amazing



yooo.... Travis Scott's new single>>>>> he never goes over a shitty beat


but.. thats future lmao


Mac Miller became trash the second he dropped Macadelic 


I dont know what you're talking about.  Macadelic is when Mac stopped being a bitch and put good music. Watching Movies With The Sound Off was an excellent album and Faces was really good too.

His subject matter became 'unrelatable' and all over the place. A par from the norm for me where he wouldn't rap about hard drugs.... Lean. Just not the Mac I ever wanted to listen to.

There were a handful of gems on WMWTSO. but meh album overall. Blue Slide Park is so flawless, and remains as a serious staple in my music history. 

His guest features, however, have been somewhat on point. Especially when he links with Early man.

Personally I like Macs new stuff. The features on Earls albums have been fire, he's been rapping more about psychedelics and such more that lean or hard drugs imo. But it comes with the territory once you get money like that. You realize most of that stuff is pretty dope haha​


^this really got me into intuos drawing on videos



ayyy maxo kream tho+++


Just dropped 

hahaha I know, I just posted that song for some reason.


New Retch tape is fire.. grimy as hell

Music video of the year IMO.


When Noisey did their lil special on Atlanta they talked about how much Gucci records when he's not in jail. Lol. 

Talked about how the first thing he does when he gets out is head to the studio and records a crazy amount of songs. I forgot the number, but they talked about having material for dozens of mixtapes...which is obviously the truth. A new Gucci tape drops like every other week. Dudes been in prison for some time now and still has the streets talking/listening to his music. Can't knock his work ethic. Gucci is an Atlanta God. 

It's wild man... I really don't care for his music, but Fetty Wap is made of fucking hits yo


do yourself a favor and don't sleep on fronklin


that new drake is kinda hard. not feelin the right hand song


Anybody listen to Bones? HDMI, Sodium and Dirt go in, 

wasnt meant to be a reply my b

Anyone keeping up with the Meek and Drake beef?

Drake released another diss called Back2Back, RIP MEEK 

They're both trash rappers. Those disses were bargain bin bullshit. OVO batty boys vs Nicki's bottom bitch. People acting like it's Jada vs 50, Badboy vs Death Row, or Aftermath vs Murda Inc. Neither side is worth rooting for this time around. People forgot about the Ether era. Aubrey got exposed, and now he's lashing out. No sense in rooting for him when he clearly avoided any beef with Kendrick. He's not up to the task. Meek is easy prey.
Agreed fully with Smutty.  This isn't a "beef", rappers don't do that anymore.  It's a marketing ploy to sell records.
lol meek

i agree i think the meek mill drake beef is super overhyped because theyre you're average rap listeners favorite rappers, but its still entertaining to observe. the memes have me dying too, lol.

gucci killed jeezys boy and got the case dismissed. buried him behind a middle school and shit lol


You motherfuckas are no fun. Lol. 

You motherfuckas are no fun. Lol. 

You don't even know what fun is!

luvin this one, Dope visuals too. Freddie Gibbs would've been completely nuts as a feature, but u cant have it all, right

mann that Drake shit is so weak. i honestly wouldn't even call that much of a diss.


been listening to Ghostface's new shit the past couple weeks. soooo flame


DS2 has been in heavy rotation, nice smoking music 



Very underrated album that came out this year. Definitely recommend if you dig Quasimoto/Madvilliany


New Dre album was pretty sick. Introduced me to this guy named Anderson .paak. Been jamming to his stuff all day.

Here's his album on soundcloud



btw, did anyone see Straight Outta Compton? I thought it was great. I went in not knowing anything about NWA though. I'm not a very deep rap fan. Just have a few artists I like a lot (Kendrick, Gambino, Kanye, Eminem, old Cudi,  etc).