/\/\/\ .:::..:.::.: !!! ~v~^~ ~~ 8 (eight) yrs 2day~~ ~v~^~ :..::.:.:::. *** \/\/\/\/

smiley congrats 
weve been blessed by your presence  
Were you a shit poster when you started out or did you gradually digress into shitiness?

my god. u've always been and  will forever be a fucking moron

Whatever you've always been and forever will be a copy-pasting psuedo-intellectual.   And we're not even going to speak about the fact that it's nosense nor the fact that you won the shittiest member.

Did not know that you were into predeterminism. 

How about you show some username validity and respond to my PM. 
u make me happy in the pants, thx for ur service. 
I would like to thank this equal opportunity forum and its generous users for allowing this retard to share what's on his lil bb mind for eight years.
also it's nice to see the actual number of years you've had Davos dick down your throat. 
only thf's worst and stupidest compare davo and i or namedrop 1f us n replies made 2th other
thf's 'worst and stupidest' at your service.
God Bless
Who is this guy?
happy birthday?

did i beat you?