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Kinda meh video I made for ID '11 a while back
I wanted to film Ultra '12 &'13 and Counterpoint last year for Outkast but they werent allowing DSLRs :(


QO is heavy.



​Saw Enei this weekend at Subway, what a location, and what a night. It's held in an old factory and still has some machinery inside, especially downstairs in the bassment where the heavy old-school dubstep acts played. Definitely makes for an industrial bass-friendly party environment.

Enei has some incredible production skills and I love how he uses voice in his music.




Expect a pm from me quite soon


OOOO im waiting. BTW how was Damage Control? I want to go to a Beukplaten rave man. Was gonna go to that l one but ended up not and it looks amazing from the videos.

Ended up not even going. Had trouble finding peeps that wanted and could go, and i underestimated the time it would take for the tickets to be sold out, so when i wanted to get serious about it, it was already too late. It does look really sick though, so i do plan on going to a next event, hopefully.



free download of whole EP^^ although thats my fav track from it. If I were to mix it I'd probably only run it for a minimal amount of time before starting to bring in something new, it's a ripper but can have a repetitive nature to it.

and some techno for ya breath-hole


cant find the original version on youtube (here it is on beatport)

deep vibrations, RESPECT THE SELECTA




Skyline boulevard sounds awesome!

was pretty surprised to hear this remix from getter. Love the way he creates the buildup, although the body of the track isn't my medium rare.



​if it had the uildup of the first with the force of the second's body it would be even closer

i often don't really enjoy trap, i guess it is often too 'all over the place' for me, but i do really dig the occasional one, including this one.

Wow, nice track man! I'm not a big fan of trap either but that piece just has a trap backbone with a colorfoul, well-travelled body to it. No rattle, no thugging, just percussion. NOICE!


Trapdoor tho, I still want to get on this label :,(

Saw  Moglebaum live this weekend, what an energetic performance filled with some of the most joyful violin playing I have witnessed in person. Found out about them about a month ago and a week or two later get to find out they are playing a show in Maastricht, where 4 of my friends are studying. Dat luck mayne.




two of the tracks from their quite prolific roster of very satisfying music.

Two of my mixes from wayyy back, 

Never touched a deck, but I'm an aspiring youtube DJ.

I just spent 45 mins "mixing" some neuro and some more tech-y shit on 3 tabs XD

Must say, outside of the noise (which dissipates to the background when you're focusing on one song), 2-3 bad song choices and the sometimes varying BPM, it sounded pretty sick.

dude are you going to LiR again? you should cool

loving the monotonous fucking bass in this one idk why




Sensation the Legacy last Saturday was amazing!

The moment in the Megamix when a choir of 500 people started singing the break of Tiesto's Adagio for Strings from all across the second ring of the Arena was definitely one of the most amazing things I've ever seen live at a festival. @9:19

me and some friends talked about going as well this year, but decided not to. Seeing this kinda makes me regret that, honestly. And than that choir part. Gave me goose bumps from behind my pc, can't imagine how amazing that would've been live. The violin part at the beginning was already beautiful, then the singing. That would've already been worth the money to see live 
that entire video is ridiculous, dutch. so sick you were somewhere in that crowd
Really nice video but seriously looks like they are lipsyncing haha at least some of them, as if to avoid any sound imperfections.
I'm sure plenty of you know about this site but I saw this thread and thought I'd share it anyway.  It has tons of genre channels that play endless, good music.
Posting here too, friend that I've shared before had a video made