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Smithsionian Air & Space Museum

the thing behind the rockets to the left is the Hubble. 

Smithsionian Air & Space Museum

the thing behind the rockets to the left is the Hubble. 

Thanks. I have been really interested in visiting the Hayden Planetarium, but I was talking about the Smithsonian the other day, and they seem to have all the cool shit. Shame Houston didn't get even a damn Shuttle.

They have a bunch of cool shit. Moon landers, Predator Drone, multiple rockets, Hubble mirror, space suits

Scored 9 kills with their F4(?) simulator some years ago, a bit like clubbing seals though given mostly kids in line. Still was a decent simulator, all missiles had to be fired while rolling of course. Great museum, the planetarium is also a neat attraction, was just there again last year.

Need to renew my membership for Wings over the Rockies though. Some days are better spent staring at a F-104 and hanging around the beer garden. 

I don't remember the model of this, but I did snap this one for you Lahey. It's an Air Force plane that was fitted with giant cameras that took shots of the earth iirc. It was the real thing, not a replica. I have no idea how they fit it in that building.

A U-2, don't know what variant. Never seen one with that livery before either, thought they were all black.

I fear that one day, even in space, people will abuse science to fulfill their barbaric need to kill people and wage war. My biggest concern is nuclear use and space debris along earth's orbit.

It's cool in the movies and all. But it's terrifying in reality.

As we move forward, towards worlds never witnessed before. Will we open closed doors for more racial war's?

We are not alone. Well, most likely not. But this will probably debunk such as all the others have

I am very intersted in deep space and interstellar space. I will post a few of the missions and spacecrafts I have found the most interesting. 




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Been a while...

This has been a long time coming, tune in for a (hopeful) successful launch, and even better, a first stage landing. T-Minus 14 minutes.

I swear though, when this fucking thing lands on that barge I'm spraying champagne all over the walls and right at my monitor while screaming fanatically.

Holy shit. They fucking did it. An utter triumph of a mission, of an idea worth pursuing...



SpaceX dun did it again.  Fifth time was the charm for the barges. Future is now, landing rockets is cooler than launching them. Congrats to them, this has been one hell of a pursuit.


Elon Musk is the fucking man

Also his biography by Ashlee Vance is a good read

It just keeps on getting bigger, forgot to update when the news officially came out a few days ago.

NASA's Kepler Mission Announces Largest Collection of Planets Ever Discovered (

But of course in SpaceX news....  Dragon capsule makes a successful landing, wrapping up a flawless mission that started with the first barge landing seen earlier in this thread....

Dragon Splashdown ( (

hi there mr lahey
Media going nuts over this signal..Jodie Foster eat your heart out..