10 months

I was hoping that was your life expectancy.

I was hoping that was your life expectancy.

lmao ruthless

everyone dies, what most don't realize, they die multiple times.

"Despite what your mama told you, violence does solve problems."

Some say god resides in three things. Father, son, and the holy ghostsss.

explosive drones remote controlled with some burner phones....oh!

your awareness is key to the illuminati, most are just sheep....


they target me cause i fight for your rights to be free.....
itll more an likely be the death of me.
we should be loving beings, but money corrupts everything.
is lady gaga a reptilian?

Sky said in 10 months
is lady gaga a reptilian?

how the hell would i know that?

i can tell you ive had some dreams about reptilians...

one was so vivid i couldn't tell if it was a dream or not, the transition from dream world to the real was crazy!

all i saw was its arm and hand.

and that is if you're being for real or not...i hope you know, when you dive into weird shit,...you'll find it.