Looking for an editor for my first montage!

Looking for an editor for my first ever montage i asked snipetality hes full of projects and told me to look on here. i've tried editing myself and got ok at it but i cant do what some of the things i see in my head. so im looking for someone who is good with after effects 4d etc. money isnt an issue if someone is looking  to get paid for there work which id have no problem paying for work. 

just reply back here or message me on XBL or Twitter.


XBL: Snip3God HCS

Twitter: Snip3God

I'm not your guy bc I'm busy as shit but when you make these posts it's usually nice to know what kind of GP you have. Are they H5 clips? what playlists are they from and how long of a video are you envisioning? Good luck finding someone
its all h5 gameplay mainly HCS clips. and im not sure about how long i have over 100clips that can be used