Hey guys, I've been working on a passion project for quite some time now with a few halo 3 clips I've obtained from members of the community over the years. I'm an old man and worked with the best back in 2009/2010 when content creation was really taking off. I need ~3 more clips, I'll be doing the capturing and angles and such. The clips I've featured thus far are high quality clips from the Halo 3 MLG playlist (xbox 360), submissions are expected to be top notch and need only to be 1 clip (unless you have a bunch, I'll pick only one from ya so you can keep your good stuff). 

PM me your gamertag and I'll take a look at your fileshare. I'm lacking a stellar clip on heretic (difficult I know haha), and could also use stuff from guardian.

Thanks guys, I'll keep whoever PM's me clips in the loop with the project :)