looking for big montage to edit (3/4)

As the title says, I'm looking to edit a big project consisting of Halo 3 or 4 clips. Here is some of my previous Halo work:






I could give you some H4 gameplay, but it wouldn't be top tier seeing as I just used all my good clips in my H4M4. But yeah, I could give you enough for a mini
I'm in the same boat as lemon. I have a bunch of H4 stuff I never used, nothing amazing though.
You guys think you could both hit me up with clips? :)
Still looking for clips as of now.
Any interest in H2 clips?
With all respect to Halo 2 players, the art style of that game as well as the style of clips do not really complement my editing style. Just not good at editing it haha.