I need an aforemation on my newest video

I need people to chat with who can give me some feedback on my FINALIZED video. I need this feedback for "various" reasons. If you have any questions after watching the video I can answer them, it's the least I can do. However, I need this as soon as possible. I am afraid to post this online right now so I need to send it over Skype. I have deleted Discord and I will not install it again, the messages become skewed and irrecognizable when I'm on there, I feel more secure using skype. 

I need these services now, I've gotten the OK from several editors (Waldo, Michael, CJ, Max, and even Vastly & Zola, I have to check in with Mattison, TCS is backing this as well) 

I can answer any questions you guys might have, but I can't be too specific. Hope that's ok. 

I'm sorry if things are unclear, I am very dizzy right now, mariado. I'm doing the best I can. 
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I would hop on the Discord channel, probably your best bet :)
What the fuck are you even talking about?
Damn! Didn't know you were still editing. 
I still edit, yes, but not halo videos. I'm very particular of who I work with and what I do now though. No more complex editing (there's more value in simple than complex), I've noticed a lot of people seem to be taking this route. More than likely they want to do this as a career, but the real magic occurs at the simplest levels without complex editing or subliminal tactics. I do a lot of things currently, I am very happy with the way things are going, but I want to get involved again in this scene and hopefully help inspire some positive change throughout every community and not just the Halo one, this is the community I know and has helped me become who I am. I received a call from Nicolas (bipolar nick) a year back or so and we had an interesting chat, I'm really glad he reached out and contacted me. Zola and Nick helped revitalize me and put my head in a better place, life's been a wild ride for me, I want to give back to everyone who has helped me. I have so many ideas and knowledge I need to get out, but doing it on my own might not be the best idea, I don't mind it, I don't care what people think of me, all I care about is outcome. 
Feel free to send me a PM on here or skype me at @aswankylemon
What is happening Renzo