Need a MCC H3 Funtage Editor ($$)

Hello THF,

I have a pretty decent amount of funtage/montage type clips for a video, however, I have lacked the motivation/time to put them together into something really enjoyable unfortunately. These clips are all Halo 3 clips from MCC.  Not sure if anyone would like to edit them for me, but if you do, and put effort into it, I will reward you with a $50 Xbox gift card code. I know it's not much for the time it takes to edit, but if anyone was looking for something to edit anyway, I think it's enough to motivate you to put a little extra into it. If anyones interested, then just reply or PM me with some of your work. I can send you a link to a video with my clips. Then if you still want to edit it, then I can send you the raw files. They are captured with an el Gato at 1080p 30fps. I have around 5 1/2 to 6 minutes of clips. I have angles for clips that I thought were necessary at the time. As for the song, I want it to be anything that's catchy and upbeat. I was thinking Billy Joel or Sublime would work pretty good for a funtage, but if you want to use someone else similar or something else that works of your liking that's also fine. I really want people to see these clips, because I think some of them are really cool! Thanks for your time :)


P.S. New site looks great, still trying to learn all the new stuff though!

the stuff in your last funtage was really cool, hope you find someone.

If not def edit it yourself, your last edit had a warthog with custom plates, it was genius. 

Thanks haha, yeah I think this one might have better clips to be honest, I don't know, ever since I edited the SHC tage a while ago, I've just haven't enjoyed editing anymore. too much pressure and criticism for the amount of time I put into it. I have to focus on school more too, so I don't have as much time to edit and get clips. I really got into the final funtage for some reason, liking the song was a big part I think. Hopefully someone will come through :) That was only my final for 360 H3, H3 will never die :D
Damm i can't remember seeing that funtage pretty amazing!
Thanks! I just got an editor for my next one. It's Shaunburrs or Shaun123YEAH on youtube.

I know of him, he does some cool stuff, interesting to see what he'll do with a funtage

did he see your request on here?

No, but I play with him on a daily basis now, and I saw one of his videos he did in an hour and it was really good so I figured I'd ask him, it'll be the underdog squad haha
Ah ok, just checking as Ive never seen him here. Good luck, I'm sure it'll be good fun once again.