Halo 5 theater help please.

So i just got into playing halo 5, and I have a couple sticks I want to save and record. So how does this work, or can you even record clips? Do we a have a file share, or something similar for sharing clips/videos? I tried finding a way to record clips, but all i can find is book marking a video so far. Is there more depth to this and can someone explain it to me if so?

The forced idea is that you use the xbox one game dvr by either double tapping the home buttom than pressing x for a 30sec clip, or snap the dvr for a 30s/1min/3min5min clip. These clips appear on your activity feed that you can view on xbox.com Sites like xboxclips.com and xboxdvr.com rip these clips and upload them about 5min after the clip is recorded. From there you can downliad them :D.

You can save your full game films as bookmarks, but don't keep them too long; it's not a reliable feature. You should either be using the DVR to save clips in-game (only if you cannot capture full games live with a capture card, the quality is shameful), or capturing straight from theater. Sadly, theater isn't what it once was. It's a completely online experience now (hence why you can see every players POV), and clips will look different from how they appeared in-game. This is especially noticeable with gun shots and sniper shots, but luckily for you sticks cannot change their course as much. My best tip is to not capture from theater. Whenever you can, avoid using it. For angles it is fine, but for clips it is a mess.

Theater is more of a spectator mode than theater in Halo 5, but they didn't bother changing the name of the feature. I don't think you can use the file sharing system for anything else than gametypes and maps, but anyone can correct me on that if I'm wrong.

Dammit typo at the end :p. Btw remember that SHC clip of me where I failed a launch but still got a stick?You said I would one day hit a launch. So fast forward a couple a weeks where I teach my friend how to sticky launch. Same week he launches a sticky from the opposite spot of my clip perfectly, and he sticks a hog and kills the gunner :D feking cunt
Ha earlier :] Theater is my main problem with H5 atm :/
I hit another rocket launch sticky before I went home for Xmas. 11 second hang time, hah.
Damn nice, is hang time what sticky clips are judged by :p?
Not at all, but this one is.
jesus , i want to see that clip!