Halo CE for PC editors heaven

For anyone who feels like making some crazy nonstaglia halo CE for PC montage this is ur chance.
Probebly nobody knows me around here so let me introduce myself:

I am a former halo PC player and have played this game well over 8 years. I have a youtube channel with over 150 halo ce videos. Content goes from chaotic public sever clips and Serious competitive montages to funs and fails, its all there.
Here is a link to my channel if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackb1rd987

If anyone is interested in editing some of my gameplay, feel free to sent me a message on youtube or add me on steam: black_b1rd


P.S. I'm not the blackbird from StormUndBlackbird, that's some other dude lol.

Loved the voice output on your Final II. I miss tages like that :(
ooh, perhaps Lateksi would be down to use your clips as he did that Oldschool Renegades community halo ce video.