Looking for clips.

Hey, everyone.

I've currently had an idea for a 5 part montage series i want to do. Each part will be around 2 minutes in length. The clips don't have to be incredible, but if you have any spare clips that are at least "good" that would be awesome.

I'm really just  making this for myself and for the entertainment of whoever watches. It's really just to help me get back into the swing of things; practice mostly. So, the clips don't have to be from one person. Preferably i'd like to get around 75 clips if at all possible.

So, if you have any throwaways, or would just like to submit some clips for me to practice with that would be awesome!



Edit: I prefer Halo 3 if possible!

Edit 2: I know this is a lot to ask, but i'd like each clip to include a no HUD capture as well as a couple angles of each clip. (If possible)

I would post in this thread instead: THF Movie Comp 2016 Editor/Gameplay Finder Thread

Lol. I know this thread was started by you. ;p

I don't think i want to submit this project to the 2016 competition. I just want to really test out my recent theories and critiques. I just really want to make something that i think is great. The thing is- i haven't edited a montage in 5-6 years, so i'm just treating this project as a learning process/creative practice.

Side note: BUT, i think my only chance is to take up a bunch of throwaway clips. My spring break is in 1 week and that's really the only time i have to spare in the coming weeks; 7 days of editing.

If you don't mind not releasing the video to the public until May, I have 1080i 60 FPS Halo 2 Clips that I was planning on doing this with leading up to my final.  I've been recording for a week for it, and I planned on making 12 two to three minute videos leading up to my final with the clips as I cap them. I just counted - I have 30 clips I can send you right now, more if you want 1v1 clips included.

This sounds good. I'm not sure if i'm game for 12 parts. If you remember my flow review about "parts"; each part needs a reason behind it (unless you have a reason for your 12 parts). I would have to find that. I may try to break down your clips into 5 parts before your final (unless i find a reason for 12). Also, i may need to wait until you have all the clips ready. When i edit, i like to lay out every single clip onto my timeline before i start the actual edit. This lets me sort the clips out by quality. If i take the 30 you have now and start on something- that 30 could contain 5 of your best clips. If i used those 5 clips so early on, what would i use for the climax?

I would love for things to be H3 due to the no HUD options and angles that could be captured. Idk, maybe i'm being too picky.

However, i could probably be persuaded out of a few things.

Haha nah man, you would only need to do 1 or 2 for fun, don't need all 12 :p

I've already sorted them, "bangers" will be for the final ,the others are all separated into Tier 1, 2,3. :3

Sounds good to me. Let me know.
If HAbey BAbey is willing to give you 30 clips, I'll match it and make it a dual short series
So,  I guess that's a no, then?
That's sounds really cool and would love to do it when i get some free time. However, HAble hasn't actually sent me any clips.
I'm currently working on a "project" at the moment. Someone was gracious enough to give me quite a lot of clips about a week and a half ago. So, I've been working on that on and off since then. I'm a bit busy with classes right now, but by the end of next month my schedule will free up and I will gladly take on more projects.